Power Ingredient: Charcoal

Today’s Power Ingredient goes way back – as in all the way back to ancient times. After all, activated charcoal has been around since the BC era. Back then it was mostly used medicinally, often serving as an antidote for poison. Today it’s having a similar moment, but instead of neutralizing poison, à la Romeo and Juliet, it’s detoxifying our bodies inside and out.

Activated charcoal is showing up in everything from supplements to face masks and for good reason. Simply put, activated charcoal acts like a magnet for organic toxins – drawing in the bad stuff and expelling it out. Here are a few of the products that are using this ancient ingredient very powerfully!

Juice Generation Shots, Activated Lemonade, Protein & Greens Juices $3.95-$9.95 Juice Generation
Shots, Activated Lemonade, Protein & Greens Juices
$3.95-$9.95 Sort of Coal Kuro Soap $35.00 Sort of Coal
Kuro Soap
$35.00 Country Life Natural Activated Charcoal Supplements $6.99 Country Life
Natural Activated Charcoal Supplements
$6.99 Origins Active Charcoal Face Mask $25.00 Origins
Active Charcoal Face Mask


  • Alex November 8, 2014

    Why is it so good?

  • Sloan November 9, 2014

    Great post (& just read your No FOMO, which I have a big love for as well, especially on the beverage front).

    Charcoal pills are always pre-packed in my carry-on for travel (as are pro-biotic’s). The two are absolute magic when you don’t know just what’s going on in your system and you want to ail yourself as best possible.

    Thanks for sharing, Beautiful! Sunday Blessings & healthy high vibes your way, X

  • Adrianna November 17, 2014

    Hi Sloane,

    Activated charcoal is not actually a pro-biotic as it does not feed or promote the growth of the beneficial bacteria present in the gastrointestinal tract.

    It certainly is like you said an excellent food poisoning and tummy bug remedy. Activated charcoal possesses a negative chemical charge and binds with positively charged bacterial products, heavy metals and microbes, allowing for their removal from the body. This stuff is so powerful it is even used in hospitals for those who have suffered from life threatening poisonings. My only warning to an otherwise excellent product is to avoid taking charcoal unless you are sick. The negative charge of the charcoal will bind to all the positive metal ions (i.e zinc, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, potassium etc.) in the diet and prevent their absorption in the GI tract. Given that it’s so hard to meet our RDI’s for some of these nutrients, it’s best to avoid the internal use of charcoal and even bentonite clay and save it until the body really needs it. I know this because I am a third year naturopathy student with a huge passion for nutrition 🙂

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