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Summer scorchers always call for frozen treats, which usually include a ton of food coloring and refined sugar. To beat the heat, sans guilt, we whipped up a delicious batch popsicles adopted from This Rawsome Vegan Life. The best part? There’s only 4 ingredients: 


  • 400 ml fresh raw coconut milk (or 1 can of store-bought) 
  • 1/4 cup raw cane sugar (or preferred sweetener, to taste)
  • Frozen fruit
  • Finely chopped thyme, rosemary, basil or other fave herb (optional) 


Blend the coconut milk and sweetener until smooth. Fill popsicle molds with small pieces of fruit and chopped herbs (don’t forget the popsicle sticks!) leaving room for the ice cream to fill in.  Then carefully pour the coconut mixture into your popsicle molds until they are full. Set in the freezer overnight or until frozen solid – then take them out and lick them clean in the warm sunshine! 

Inspired by: This Rawsome Vegan Life