About Us


HBFIT is a unique destination to explore all things health, beauty and fitness related. Our vision is to transcend the digital platform to become a tangible movement for healthy and attainable living. We seek to unite like-minded people committed to a balanced lifestyle. Living the HBFIT way means being the best version of yourself: from meditating for 5 minutes to preparing food that will energize you to getting in that daily sweat session.

Our founder, Hannah Bronfman lives her life by these core values: strength, confidence and a thirst for purpose. She embodies the HBFIT lifestyle with her dedication to her wellness, unrelenting positivity and exploration of all types of workouts. While the company was born out of her personal curiosity, HBFIT extends beyond Hannah into the lives of all of those who identify with the HBFIT mission.

Join us on the journey to being the best version of yourself; physically, emotionally and mentally.

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