5 Natural Lipsticks We Love

Feb 12, 2017

It can get tiring in the Winter months to dedicate time to your skin and apply some makeup to brighten up your features, but one thing that always helps is treating ourselves to a new product. We love searching for unique lipstick colors that are made with natural ingredients, so we decided to share some of our


Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Feb 6, 2017

With Valentine’s Day coming up next week, everyone’s thinking about the perfect gift. Whether you’re shopping for your significant other or your best friend, buying the perfect V-day present can be tricky if you want to think outside the box without being too risky. We rounded up some of our favorite gift ideas that are


Sundays are for Skincare: Acne Care with Jillian Wright

Jan 29, 2017

Skincare is all about diligence and self-love, so Sundays are the perfect time to reset, relax, and revive your skincare routine. Today we’re talking about acne with the help of local skincare pro, Jillian Wright, founder of Jillian Wright Skincare and co-founder of Indie Beauty Expo. Acne is a problem so many women face, and there are


The Korean 10 Step Skincare Routine

Jan 27, 2017

Korean beauty products and trends are taking the American beauty industry by storm. From essences to sheets masks, we are in love with the Korean skincare mindset. The Korean skincare regime is all about pampering and taking care of yourself. While it may be an exhaustive multi-step process, there are only 10 simple steps –


Get Inspired By These 90s Fashion Icons

Jan 26, 2017

Even though we’re nearly two decades into the new millennium, you might not know it from the fashion. Some 90s trends have been thriving for nearly thirty years now. So if you need some inspiration for an outfit today, you can look back to these fashion icons for help. Drew Barrymore Whether your style is


The Best Looks for Your Eye Color

Jan 24, 2017

Are you trying to find your everyday eye look to complement your eye color? Finding a look to match your eye color that can go with any occasion can be a tough feat. Whether your eyes are brown, blue, green, hazel, or gray, you can find the right look for your eye color with HBFIT’s


How To Use A Beautyblender

Jan 23, 2017

It’s been fifteen years since the Beautyblender was invented by Rea Ann Silva. The recognizable pink egg has been replacing make-up sponges in makeup bags everywhere – including professional makeup artists’. So what are the big deal about these sponges? So What’s the Difference? The first thing that sets apart the Beautyblender from other makeup


Why Rose Water Should Be Your New Best Friend

Jan 20, 2017

Rose water is a faithful and trustworthy friend. Unlike others, it’s remarkable versatility will always meet your daily beauty needs and satisfy you like no other. Ultimately, it’s reliability makes it the quintessential best friend that you need to add to your beauty squad. What is Rose water Created by distilling rose petals with steam,


Boss It Up With Beautiful Braids

Jan 19, 2017

If you’ve got long hair, you might be running out of ways to keep it neat and stylish. This is where braids come in. Braids can be a fun, simple way to shake up your hairstyles, while staying cool and professional. If you can get good at it, braids can simplify and shorten your daily


Parabens: Why You Don't Want Them In Your Beauty Products

Jan 16, 2017

Many organic and natural beauty products are touting the label paraben-free, but that doesn’t really explain why you wouldn’t want parabens in the first place. What makes parabens so bad and why would you want to avoid them? What Are Parabens? Parabens are some of the most widely used preservatives in cosmetics. These preservatives keep


Everything You Need to Know About Hair Growth

Jan 12, 2017

Are you on the hunt for long locks? Looking for the best hair growth products to add volume and grow your hair out faster? Look no further! HBFIT has the know-how to guide you through the best hair growth treatments that will leave you feeling gorgeous. First things first — if you’re sheepish about thinning



Jan 11, 2017

We love doing our own makeup, but there’s nothing like browsing different beauty styles and products on social media. There are so many beauty bloggers and makeup artists who have their own unique styles and techniques, and Instagram seems to be filled with the latest beauty trends. We wanted to share five of our favorite beauty

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