Why Rose Water Should Be Your New Best Friend

Jan 20, 2017

Rose water is a faithful and trustworthy friend. Unlike others, it’s remarkable versatility will always meet your daily beauty needs and satisfy you like no other. Ultimately, it’s reliability makes it the quintessential best friend that you need to add to your beauty squad. What is Rose water Created by distilling rose petals with steam,


Boss It Up With Beautiful Braids

Jan 19, 2017

If you’ve got long hair, you might be running out of ways to keep it neat and stylish. This is where braids come in. Braids can be a fun, simple way to shake up your hairstyles, while staying cool and professional. If you can get good at it, braids can simplify and shorten your daily


Parabens: Why You Don't Want Them In Your Beauty Products

Jan 16, 2017

Many organic and natural beauty products are touting the label paraben-free, but that doesn’t really explain why you wouldn’t want parabens in the first place. What makes parabens so bad and why would you want to avoid them? What Are Parabens? Parabens are some of the most widely used preservatives in cosmetics. These preservatives keep


Everything You Need to Know About Hair Growth

Jan 12, 2017

Are you on the hunt for long locks? Looking for the best hair growth products to add volume and grow your hair out faster? Look no further! HBFIT has the know-how to guide you through the best hair growth treatments that will leave you feeling gorgeous. First things first — if you’re sheepish about thinning



Jan 11, 2017

We love doing our own makeup, but there’s nothing like browsing different beauty styles and products on social media. There are so many beauty bloggers and makeup artists who have their own unique styles and techniques, and Instagram seems to be filled with the latest beauty trends. We wanted to share five of our favorite beauty


How to Get Rid of Dark Spots Without Damaging Your Skin

Jan 10, 2017

Dark spots are usually caused by hyperpigmentation. This is a condition that produces extra melanin, the pigments that color our skin, causing spots darker than the rest of your complexion. Hyperpigmentation can be caused by a number of factors, and tends to affect darker skin tones more, although everyone can experience them. \ Some causes


The Best Essential Oils for Acne, Aging and Oily Skin

Jan 9, 2017

Essential oils are the concentrated liquid distilled from plants, like tea tree oil, sandalwood oil, or rose oil. Essential oils are often volatile, meaning they evaporate easily. Most cosmetic products with essential oils combine them with carrier oils. Carrier oils — like coconut oil, avocado oil, or jojoba oil — are used to dilute essential


How to Tint Your Lashes at Home

Jan 4, 2017

Mascara is a makeup staple. It adds pop to your eyes and pulls your whole look together — the frosting on the cake when it comes to your face. But if you have thin or light colored lashes, that extra touch of glam can feel like a chore when skipping mascara leaves your lashes invisible.


How to Fix a Broken Nail in 5 Minutes

Jan 3, 2017

Suffering from splits and nicks? Not sure how to fix a broken nail? We feel your struggle — a broken nail can totally ruin your day and throw off your whole routine. But fixing a broken nail is surprisingly easy! It’s a quick matter of patching and nail care, and then follow up for prevention.


Try This Holiday Peppermint Sugar Scrub to Fight Dry Skin

Dec 28, 2016

Are you looking for a homemade gift for the holidays this year? Or maybe you’re just trying to make your skincare routine a little more festive. Between the cold, dry winds and hot, dry heating systems, this time of year can be extra brutal on your skin. So try HBFIT’s DIY peppermint sugar scrub. Sugar


Dry Winter Skin? Here's How to Turn Foundation into Moisturizer

Dec 23, 2016

Wearing makeup in the winter while trying to take care of your dry skin can be its own struggle. For folks who want to amp up the glam without leaving their skin feeling flakey, cream foundations or other thicker products can crack when they dry out, and end up looking patchy in places where it


Is It Possible to Grow Back Your Eyebrows?

Dec 21, 2016

We’ve all been there. You tried to get your eyebrows waxed at a new salon, or maybe you tried to do it yourself, and now you’re left with pencil thin brows. But don’t panic — we’ve got you covered. This guide will answer all your questions on how to grow back your brows. Don’t Touch

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