This month has really gotten me thinking–about thinking! From setting intentions to having your most effective workout–it has really become clear to me that tasks are done best when you give them 100%. This of course isn’t a revolutionary thought, but putting it into practice is challenging–especially for someone like me who balances everything from overseeing the site to DJing to planning a wedding and renovating a home.

Women especially have to take on so many different roles–and the key is to being able to focus on them all equally is to allot time to each task. With proper time management, it’s amazing how many things can be done. Limiting yourself will make you both more productive and efficient–there’s a set amount of minutes that need to be dedicated to a single task, and that’s it. For me, that means putting in my iCal an hour to write my editor’s letter, half an hour to get the sound situated at a gig, 15 minutes to browse Pinterest for the white dress or 20 minutes on Fridays to catch up with our contracter. The simple act of scheduling is so helpful for me to visualize my week. And because I schedule in advance, I’m not left scrambling to figure out what I have to do each day. Of course things come extemporaneously, but by and large, I have a good idea about where each day will go.

This method is also incredibly helpful for not only being mindful in the moment, but achieving goals. I use my goals as the ultimate step to a whole plan. By looking at them this way, the path is logical and attainable. It can be super overwhelming to think about the long term–but there’s no need to stress about the future! The way to get there is by plotting out short-term markers to lead you to your final objective. Goals give us purpose, which in turn motivates us to make ourselves the best version, in all aspects of your life.

Deciding to be mindful during my workouts was my plan this month, which I feel I achieved–next month will be a new challenge, which I can’t wait to get started. What will your challenge be? How will you achieve it? Let us know in the comments!


Text by: Hannah Bronfman

Photography by: Hunter Abrams 

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  • Fatamo December 31, 2015

    Agreed! At work I have to also juggle several clients and colleagues at the same time (I’m a lawyer). I’ve found two things to be incredibly helpful. At the start of the day, I switch on my time trackers (this helps lawyers bill clients and manage their time) and enter all the tasks that I will be taking on that day. This helps focus my mind for the day. It’s been unbelievably efficient. I’ve gone from being constantly told that I need to pay more attention to detail and to be more efficient, to being told that I am now one of the most organised people in my team.

    The second thing I’ve done that’s been incredibly helpful has been to set out, at the end of the working day, a list of all the things I have got to get done the next working day. That way, I know that I’ve already got a plan, and can put my work thoughts away until the next morning.

    Now that I know this works for me, I’m going to give it a shot with my personal goals (fitness, further education, side business).

  • Krystal January 13, 2016

    Time blocking is so helpful! I take the time to sketch out each month and create a list of goals. I keep them in Evernote and cross them out upon completion. If I hit a dead moment in the day, I know that this list is my go-to. I look at it each day to make sure that I’ve done at least 1 thing that will lead me to achieving a goal on the list. Taking a few moments prior to bed and plotting out the next day also keeps me focused and intentional. Not starting my day by checking email gives me the chance to attack this list before others start taking over my time. I work hard to focus on what matters most and to let everything else fall to another day, time, or just not happening at all.

  • Rachel January 13, 2016

    Everything you stated really resonated with me! Unless I plan something and write it down then I often don’t feel that I’m being the best version of myself. This month I’m challenging myself to establish healthy morning and night rituals. Instead of picking up my phone first thing after I wake up I want to be present while I make my warm lemon tea and maybe do some yoga/meditation. At night I want to put all electronics away (phone on airplane mode) and read each night! I sleep much better when I read before bed as opposed to watching tv. My last challenge is to be diligent about planning my days in advance. You’ve inspired me to be better about this. Thank you!!

  • Amanda Saviñón May 31, 2016

    I’ve been slowly easing my way into solely freelancing and I am finally here! Unless I schedule things, my day can slow down due to 2-3 hours without tasks so I am starting to schedule EVERYTHING instead of only big events thanks to this post! A big goal of mine is to be consistent with my health and fitness starting today and now.

    • hbfit June 15, 2016

      Take the little steps that make your goal come true!

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