letterhbinnovateHBAs 2016 progresses, innovation has been on my mind in a major way. Although this word is often connected with the tech industry, it is one of the main motivators behind HBFIT’s content creation.

Innovation in the business of information can be intimidating. Not only do we want to create fresh content that you all want to read, but we want to keep reinventing our offering in general. Because HBFIT has such a lean team and is a start up, we have to think about balancing the responsibilities of the day to day with the larger priority of propelling the brand forward.

Instead of being overwhelmed, I find that taking small steps everyday has led HBFIT and me personally to be creators. For both the site and myself, I find brainstorming to be such a valuable tool. I set aside time every week to push myself to dream about everything from what kind of pictures I want to take to what topics I’d like the site to cover to what kind of products are missing from the market. I also use this time to reflect–to be cognizant of what we have done in the past so that I know how HBFIT and I can react to improve and reinvent.

How will you prioritize innovation this month and beyond? What is interesting you these days? What do you want to see more of from HBFIT? Please tell us in the comments!




  • Shakira Rincon March 1, 2016

    More easy healthy recipes; such as snacks for a sweet tooth. More breakfast recipes too. Food is the dominant component in leading a healthy life style and meeting your fitness goals. More affordable cosmetics may also be great.

  • Lourdes Martin March 1, 2016

    HI! I am a hugeeee fan. I love your site but I would love to see more recipes (like the ones I see on your snap chat!) other than that-I truly love it. You are such an inspiration!!! Xo, Lourdes
    instagram handle: plsdotell (my blog), bk_khaleesi (personal)

  • Taylor March 2, 2016

    I absolutely love these letters, I get so inspired and reflect on how I can integrate what you have to say into my own life. As someone who is in college I am trying to figure out what I want to do in life and being able to come onto HBFIT and read about entrepreneurs and strong females in fitness motivates me into knowing that I can, hopefully one day, have my career reflect what I am really passionate about as well. Which is why I come to HBFIT because I am passionate about health, beauty and fitness!
    Also, I love that HBFIT is starting to become more active on snapchat (seriously obsessed with matcha Monday!!).

  • Stacey March 2, 2016

    I personally would love to see more on health (simple recipes), travel tips (how to be healthy when traveling, etc.), and more things curated by Hannah whether it is products, places to eat in LA or NYC, favorite music, etc. I started to follow Hannah on instagram a while back and I really enjoy her authenticity and passion for health, beauty, and fitness and would love to see more of it.

  • Rima March 2, 2016

    More recipes! Seeing all the pictures posted has my
    mouth watering constantly. I’d love to eat healthier but I have no idea where to start and what to do. So definitely recipes. 🙂

  • Chance Whitlow March 6, 2016

    Hbfit – You are a large supply of inspiration and I love it all!! I would love to see more recipes – they are so healthy and exciting!

  • Bridget Lotoff March 14, 2016

    I would like to see more of personal stories. What inspired you and your team to get motivated and passionate to spread the knowledge of health, beauty & fitness. What is your educational/work background? What can others do to join the health and wellness world? Do you have to already be fit to start or is it a process? A journey? How would you encourage others to start up their own blogging and how to hone in on skills that can be used. Thanks!

  • Imani March 30, 2016

    A Youtube Channel! With health, beauty, and fitness tutorials.

  • Joann April 1, 2016

    Would love some recommendations on where to find great/cute work out gear in Toronto!!

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