You Don't Always Have to Binge-Drink at Your Bachelorette Party

Feb 27, 2017

Ladies, it’s true! The days of having to binge-drink at your girlfriends’ bachelorette parties are over. We’re not judging if you want your wild night out on the town, but if you’re looking for a more low-key night to avoid those flashbacks to your crazy college days, it’s totally doable and might even be cooler


How To Be Compassionate Even If It Feels Like The World Is Crashing Down Around Us

Feb 22, 2017

Chances are by the time you are reading this you have already come across a satirical video montage of Trump’s most recent press conference on FB, read about one of his twelve executive orders since taking office almost a month ago, or scrolled past a few political memes. These are all signs of an active


What She Eats: Sarah Levey

Feb 17, 2017

For this week’s What She Eats series, we’re thrilled to introduce Sarah Levey, the powerful #girlboss behind Y7 Yoga Studio.  As the co-founder of New York’s original hip hop yoga studio, Sarah eats according to her busy and active lifestyle. From flowing in the studio with the Y7 girls to running her yoga empire, Sarah


Wellness Retreats to Book This Spring

Feb 15, 2017

As the weather gets colder and the layers get thicker, we’re dreaming about those warm summer days when we could go on a run outside or take a sunrise yoga class in the park. If you have a few vacation days to take this Spring, there’s nothing more relaxing than going on a healthy weekend getaway.


Sex Crystals - Yes, You Heard That Right

Feb 13, 2017

Lately the HBFIT team has been seeing sex crystals on more and more sites and we have been dying to learn more, so we did a little deep dive into these foreign, mysterious objects… Kegels and pelvis floor muscles support our posture and improve sexual pleasure. However, how many of us actually make kegels and


What She Eats: Miranda Hammer

Feb 10, 2017

We’ve always loved checking out @thecrunchyradish on Instagram for recipe inspo and mouthwatering healthy eats, so it’s an honor to feature founder, Miranda Hammer, for this week’s “What She Eats” series. Miranda is a registered dietitian and natural foods chef based here in NYC, and she founded The Crunchy Radish to share her love for plant-based foods with the


Heartbreak Advice from The Pro Behind MNDFL Meditation

Feb 9, 2017

With Valentine’s Day approaching, love is in the air, but it’s not always easy to join in on the festivities when you’re going through heartbreak. We’ve all been there and it’s not easy to cope. People have different ways with getting over heartbreak, so the same process won’t work for everyone individually. For some helpful tips and


Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Feb 6, 2017

With Valentine’s Day coming up next week, everyone’s thinking about the perfect gift. Whether you’re shopping for your significant other or your best friend, buying the perfect V-day present can be tricky if you want to think outside the box without being too risky. We rounded up some of our favorite gift ideas that are


Studio Spotlight: Box + Flow

Feb 2, 2017

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be boxing and flowing all month long at our Studio Spotlight, Box + Flow.  If you’ve never put high-intensity boxing and calming yoga in the same sentence, try putting them in the same class! We love that this studio combines two workouts that are so unexpected, but work so well together.



Feb 1, 2017

With all of the craziness and upsetting news going on in the world, it seems so fitting that our theme for this month is Love. Here at HBFIT, my mission has always been to create a space for women to support each other and love each other, and that’s what this month is all about.


Total Body At-Home Workout with Steve Uria from Switch Playground

Jan 30, 2017

We’ve loved having Switch Playground as our Studio Spotlight this month and we’re obsessed with the energetic vibe and quick workout blast, but we understand that not everyone can come join us for a class in NYC. We love it so much we wanted to share some of their workout with you guys, so even


WHAT SHE EATS: Jacey Lambros & Dani DeAngelo

Jan 13, 2017

If you guys still haven’t been to a workout at Jane DO in Jersey City, we’re giving you two amazing reasons to get there: Jacey & Dani. We fell in love with these girls’ infectious attitude and uplifting spirit as soon as we stepped in the studio, and we couldn’t be happier to be featuring them

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