You guys!! I am so excited to share my new book, Do What Feels Good. It’s about my life and journey including some of my favorite recipes, remedies, and routines to treat your body right. It comes out on January 8, 2019.

Los Angeles: The go-to destination for sunshine, good vibes, and healthy living. Dive into our exciting LA wellness guide, complete with colorful dishes made from the city’s fresh produce, yoga hot-spots, and dreamy spas perfect for an afternoon getaway under the sun.

Did you know that a constant state of mental and physical stress can send your adrenals into overdrive? Read on for symptoms of adrenal fatigue, and find out how you can get back to living your best life, naturally!

Despite what you may have heard, cannabis is not a silver bullet for all that ails you, sister. But it’s good for a lot of stuff, and supporting your inner fitness buff is one area where cannabis really shines.

Anyone who has had a blemish or a face covered in them knows it not only affects your skin but affects your entire being, and most of all, can wreak havoc on your self-esteem. I became obsessed with finding a cure.

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Acupuncture Dating

The Studio Spotlight: Move + Meditate