Health | November 10th 2014

Weekend Recap: St. Barths

Vacations – they’re the best, who can deny it? But for me being on vacation isn’t all about unplugging because; let’s face it, that’s impossible when you run a mobile app. However, leaving the makeup, high heels and jam-packed schedule stateside to whisk off to St. Barths feels like vacation to me.

It was especially easy considering Brendan and I were flown private, Jay-Z and Beyonce style by TradeWind Aviation. Not going to lie — I felt like a Queen B — for Bronfman, that is. Ok — enough with the Jay and B jokes.

It really only got better from there. We were lucky enough to stay at the gorgeous Wimco Villas for a long weekend of relaxing and recharging. We stayed in the Villa RIV, which was just an ideal home away from home — it even had a fully stocked kitchen — perfect space to make my green smoothies. Because, even on vacation, I don’t let the lounging interfere with my wellness routine. For me, vacations are about indulging, but not in the things that are going to make you dread coming home to face your scale and jeans that won’t zip! Instead of leaving my workouts and skincare regiment at home, I bring them with me and indulge by reflecting, exploring a new place and getting re-energized. Here are some of my go-to products for island living the #HBfit way!

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