giveaway | August 27th 2014

#WCW Giveaway!


In honor of the launch and the first HB Asks feature, I have teamed up with Negative Underwear for an exclusive giveaway. We both preach self love, so this giveaway is all about being your own #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday)!

Confidence starts from the inside- I know how easy it is to feel self-conscious if you’ve gained a few pounds or if you have a huge zit in the middle of your face. I believe that you cannot be your best self unless you truly love yourself. 

THE CONTEST: Instagram a picture of why you are your own #WCW. Tag #hbfit and #getnegative and you could win a bra + bottom set + an off the shoulder tee! 

Congratulations! Your message about self love is inspiring!

Giveaway is now over, don’t worry there will be more!