Fitness | September 8th 2014

This Not That: Go


Every day we make choices and most of them we make without recognizing that there’s an alternative. When you’ve stopped processing your options, you’re choices have turned into habits. That’s why it’s really important to form healthy ones. For every positive choice you make, you’re developing a positive habit. I’ve worked hard to eliminate the bad habits in my life and while it took work – habits are, after all, hard to break – it was well worth it. Here are a few of the little choices (now habits) I make that keep me feeling healthy and energized. There’s always a choice – do this or that.

Today, I want to share how I incorporate more cardio and exercise into my daily life. Let’s GO for it.


This: Stairs  

Not That: Elevators

I know, I know. You’ve heard this one before, but taking the stairs instead of the elevator is one of the easiest and underutilized forms of exercise out there. Everywhere we go we’re faced with a choice when we encounter an elevator – it’s not your only option! Taking the stairs works your glutes, legs and your core (Tighten those abs!) – it’s also a great way to raise your heart rate, burn a few extra calories.


This: Bike to Work

Not That: Driving

Most of us don’t even consider transportation much of a choice. We’re so on-the-go that usually we simply choose the fastest way of doing something, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best. Riding your bike is a great alternative to driving and even if your commute is a bit lengthy, there are options to make this healthy habit work for you. Worried about arriving sweaty to work or school? Pack a change of clothes and freshen up in the ladies’ room before you dig into your day. Ride early! Not only is it cooler in the morning – offering a less intense ride, but there are far less cars on the road annnnd I’m guessing your boss or teacher will appreciate you’re punctuality.  Hydrate as you bike. Love getting an iced coffee on your drive in? No problem! There are so many bike accessories now, they even have cup holders. Hello Starbucks!


This: Go the Long Way

Not That: Doing what’s Convenient

Your grocery store is around the corner, your favorite brunch spot is down the block and the bathroom is right outside your homeroom or office. While that might be convenient, it also might mean you’re falling into a lazy rut. Instead of walking to the closest store or restaurant, walk a few extra blocks and try something new. You might find a new favorite spot to frequent – and burn some extra calories while you’re at it. Walking after a meal is also a great for digestion! At work or school, instead of visiting the same old bathroom each day, look for the one that’s furthest away. I know this sounds silly, but you’ll be amazed how walking a bit further helps reenergize you throughout the day!


What are some of your healthy habits? Will you try any of mine? Let me know!