Fitness | March 16th 2015


When I heard from a friend that Unbreakable Performance Center was the premiere place for pro-athletes to train, I knew I had to try it for myself. Turns out that the staff at UPC don’t reserve the seriously intense workouts just for NFL players—B and I got our butt’s kicked. UPC is known for their wide array of cutting edge equipment and we were excited to try everything for a full-body tone. One machine that was particularly brutal was the Sproing, a machine that looks similar to a treadmill platform and is great for interval training something the brave can attempt backwards as well. We certainly felt the burn after five minutes on that bad boy!

After sweating it out on the machines we used the equally impressive on-site rehabilitation facilities. Unfortunately, the cryotherapy chamber wasn’t available while we were there, which blasts nitrogen at your body for two full minutes to alleviate muscle soreness, but thankfully UPC has many options. B and I chose one similar to the cryotherapy chamber, but instead involved being zipped into compression suits (how cool is that?) for a similar recovery. We definitely will be going back asap to try that chamber— only after another kick-ass workout, of course!