Beauty | April 14th 2015


We are obsessed with Australia- we love that it’s such a nutrition-focused country that prioritizes fitness and wellness. Subsequently, we follow a bunch of Australian influencers on Instagram to tap into their amazing lives down under. We have found out that Aussies aren’t just into great food-they have some serious style! One of the fab fashion-focused bloggers we follow is Clarice Chian of @brigadeirochoc. Upon looking at Clarice’s page, you can tell that she is a pro-traveler. Her feed is chock-full of beautifully composed images of her go-to accessories and snacks for life in the fast lane. We caught up with Clarice to get the inside scoop on what she’s packing for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia.

What are your 5 travel must-haves?

  1. A good set of earplugs (I like the industrial-strength silicone variety)
  2. Noise-canceling headphones (Love Parrot Zik by Phillipe Starck)
  3.  Silk eye mask
  4.  Lucas Paw Paw Ointment (I have yet to find a better lip balm than this humble Australian classic)
  5. Good magazine and/or book

What are your go-to travel snacks?

  1. Nuts (Especially almonds)
  2. Coconut chunks (I recently discovered them in my health food store and my kids love it as much as I do, they’re highly addictive!)
  3. Quest bars (I’m embarrassed to say how many boxes of these I have in my pantry)
  4. Lots of fluid (Water, coconut water and cold pressed juices/smoothies, I try to avoid caffeine, alcohol and too much sodium on a flight)

Do you have any travel rituals?

Most of the time I travel with my two children, so I have to have all their snacks packed and planned out, as well as ‘entertainment’ (last trip that was a brilliant Airplane sticker book). As soon as I’m seated on the plane I organize those within easy reach, and almost have a ‘schedule’ of when I give out the snacks (which I try to keep refined-sugar free, low in salt and nutritious). My last step is to bring out the coloring pencils and so forth so they don’t get restless and bored.

This week I travel solo, which is such a luxury! I have already bought two magazines that I will be bringing with me, as I hardly get the chance to browse through one nowadays.

How many seasons of Australian fashion week have you been to?

This will only be my second time at the MBFWA (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia) and I am eager to see the emerging talents as well as the more famous designers!

Can you share your memory of your first fashion week?

My first Fashion Week was actually in Paris for the Haute Couture shows. It was incredible to be rubbing shoulders with fashion editors like Emmanuelle Alt and Christine Centenera. And, how could I forget, seeing the amazing models backstage? One of the highlights of that week was interviewing my favorite Haute Couture designer, Yiqing Yin. I was lucky enough to be backstage at her show and a handful of others, which allowed me to have a closer look at the incredible details one misses when viewing the collection solely from the runway.

The other was the mind blowing experience of going to the Chanel’s ‘Paraffection’ Ateliers. This houses the world-famous couture houses such as Lemarié for feather and flowers, Lèsage for embroidery, Maison Michel for hats, and Massaro (who created the first two-toned pair of Chanel shoes.) This allowed me an even closer look at how ‘Haute Couture’ is created, and the thousands upon thousands of hours that go into fashioning just one piece–they truly are works of art.

What characterizes Australian fashion?

I view Australian fashion as generally fun and fresh. Now there is such an amazing and wide range of designers that it really runs the gamut from edgy to sculptural and glamorous to modern-goth. I think that this scope is what makes Australian Fashion so exciting!

Which show are you most excited to see?

Hm, difficult question as I am excited to see so many shows next week! Strateas Carlucci is a relatively new label that made their MBFWA debut last year, which was absolutely amazing. I have been a huge fan of Toni Maticevski since he first started, so I am very excited to see his beautiful gowns and stunning silhouettes today. Romance was Born’s fashion shows are always and incredible theatrical event, and this year it will be held at the Art Gallery of NSW, which will be such an amazing venue. –I guess I really am looking forward to it all!

Tell us about Peut-être and the Peut-être lifestyle.

Peut-être is dreamy, graceful and romantic. It aims to share an intimate and personal view of the art environment and its creation through portraits and interviews with people in the worlds of fashion, beauty, culinary, art and entertainment industry, irrespective of current trends. The magazines are filled to the brim with beautiful images, so much so that they feel actually closer to books. I love that this depth allows the reader to appreciate each and every intricate detail, captured by French photographer, Nathalie Malric.

The Peut-être lifestyle is luxurious but not pretentious, and it is cultured and artistic, as it celebrates the craft behind fashion, lifestyle, food, art and music.

How do you maintain a healthy routine on the road?

I bring my Vitamin B gummies with me, which give me a boost when my energy is waning, so I don’t rely solely on caffeine. I will be packing some Quest (high protein, low carb) bars in my handbag, as some days will be back-to-back shows, and I might not have time to grab some food to eat. (At least I will have a high-protein snack to tide me over until I get the chance to do so!) Usually my exercise these days is simply pushing my little ones around in their pram, or carrying them around (quite a workout especially going up and down stairs). I am a fan of incidental exercise these days, and also love Tracy Anderson’s DVD’s (the post-pregnancy workout in particular). Since I won’t be doing either of those next week, I will be bringing my sneakers with me. My sister (who lives in Sydney and will be attending MBFWA with me) is an avid runner, and I hope to join her for a few runs during Fashion Week, even though I must admit I am not a fan of running. Thankfully, I will be staying around the corner from Pressed Juice, my favorite cold pressed juices store so I’ll make sure I get some portable vitamins every morning (i.e. their juices and smoothies). They also have some amazing raw salads and coconut yoghurt parfaits that are perfect for an on-the-go meal!

What does Health Beauty Fit mean to you?

When you are healthy, conscious of how you treat your body, and feel good about yourself, it shows on the outside. Beauty really does come from within.

Quick Fire:

Sweet or savory? Both! Love all food!

East Coast or West Coast (USA)? East Coast (even though I lived in the West Coast for a while, and have family on both sides)

Lip or eyes? Eyes

Sparkling or still water? Sparkling

Smoothie or juice? Smoothie (especially green ones)

Yoga or Pilates? Pilates

Coffee or tea? Coffee