Fitness | April 16th 2015


Anyone who has taken Physique 57 knows how tough it is: micro-pulsing burns, water-skiing movements kill and thigh dancing is absolutely painful. When we took class yesterday, we were distracted from our own discomforts by the fact that Tone House Founder Alonzo Wilson was doing the same movements right next to us.

You might ask how a former football player (and current Wilhelmnia model) found himself in a barre class. Well, a good cause will drive people to go outside their comfort zone. The charity that got Alonzo, and the entire staff of Tone House to Physique 57 was Sweat it Forward, the brainchild of Aly Teich, Founder and CEO of The Sweat Life. Aly’s initiative was born out of an article she wrote on banning, or when fitness studios don’t allow instructors from competitive gyms try their classes. Aly wanted to fight this unnecessary cattiness with camaraderie, as she felt that the viciousness was clouding the main goal of fitness: to make people healthier.

What better way to involve the insanely active, than with a workout? Well, one for a good cause. As fun as it is seeing male body builders pulse it out at Physique, Sweat it Forward is about something deeper. The proceeds for this challenge go to Stand Up to Cancer, an organization very near and dear to Aly’s heart. After recently losing her mom and best friend to ovarian and gastric cancer, respectively, Aly was motivated in her mission to unite not only fitness professionals, but everyone affected by this awful disease.

So, how can you get involved in your town? The contest is now national, so feel free to challenge your parents, best friend or co-workers to get moving at your local studio. Once they accept the challenge, they have to take the class within the week, or donate $35 to cancer. Then, it’s their turn to pass the torch.

We can all collectively make a difference, so let’s get moving!

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