Beauty | April 3rd 2015


With Coachella quickly approaching, we looked to our favorite stars to get inspired for hair looks. We needed something that would withstand both the dessert and our hotel room sweat sessions, so we opted for a variety of low maintenance styles.


Chrissy Teigen:

This style can be done even after the sweatiest of workouts! Spray your locks with Psst Dry Shampoo and massage into your roots. Sweep your hair back into a pony tail and secure with an ouchless hair tie! 


Kendall Jenner:

Who says hair straight out of the shower can’t be chic?! Simply jump out of the shower, comb your hair back behind your ears, and go! Maintain the look by using a palm sized dollop of pomade using Oribe creme for style.



The easiest way to go from crunches to the concert is with a cute hat! We are so into cute sporty baseball hats these days. Some of our favorites are American Apparel, Eugenia Kim and Adidas.