Health | April 9th 2015


Our first stop in LA is always Moon Juice! It has everything from delicious smoothies and juices to yummy snacks (we can’t get enough of the vinegar almonds!) and beautifully packaged sundries. Since it’s launch in 2011, Moon Juice has expanded to 3 locations and has partnered with some of our favorite companies around- most recently with Story NYC! We caught up with it’s founder, Amanda Chantal Bacon to find out what inspired her to open Moon Juice, how she stays healthy and who inspires her in the industry!

How did you get into holistic health in the first place?

It all began at a health food store where I grew up in NYC… I was 4 years old and an Ayurvedic doctor pulled me aside in the aisles and simply cured me of a serious and chronic respiratory condition through simple diet changes. It was only the beginning of my discovering the power of food and its impact on ones health.

When did you first have the idea for Moon Juice? Did it turn out exactly the way you had initially pictured or did your vision change over time?

I’m on track for what I’ve set out to do. I probably won’t ever stop working at it. I get up everyday super pumped to reach as many people as I can and help them find their happiness through simple health moves; I’m crazy for it.

We know that you are inspired by your travels, which location has been most influential and why? 

I’m a good mix of every place and every person I interact with, but I have to say California takes the cake! I never thought I’d stay so long, I should be living in southern Italy or Bali by now! But California, specifically Los Angeles, has been a mystical vortex that has drawn me in deeper each day revealing wisdom I thought I’d have to travel to space to find.

How did you first discover the herbs that you sell at Moon Juice (i.e. Reishi)? How do you use them for health and beauty purposes?

The moon pantry is a library of sourced super herbs that I’ve been using for years. They have profoundly changed my physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. A lot of beauty and happiness has come from these delicious herbs.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced since opening Moon Juice? 

It’s kind of been one big glorious challenge. I opened Moon Juice with a baby strapped to me, single, without a manager and any rational idea of how I was going to have it all make sense. I just did my best and did what was needed to be done that day, I guess I’m still doing that- taking it one day at a time.

What’s the biggest misconception you’ve encountered with food?

That non-organic/GMO food just has chemicals on the outside and you can wash them away. The only times I get radical and alarmist on people is when they think they can wash the GMO off with water!

Do you see Moon Juice thriving in other locations?

We have a huge national and international following and I can’t wait to better serve all of our followers.

What is your day-to-day schedule like? What is your eating schedule like?

I work 15-20 hours a day, 6-7 days a week.The iPhone enables me to work long hours while playing with my little one and traveling. The beauty of my life is that there’s no set schedule and my days take me all over the world, meeting the most incredible people. I’m pretty loose with an eating schedule, I keep cosmic provisions (our raw activated snack foods), juice, moon dust, and crazy chi building milks (made from moon pantry herbs) on me at all times and eat when I’m hungry. These foods are so nourishing and nutrient dense, they pretty much cover me until I want to eat for pleasure.

Do you like to workout? If so, what’s your go to?

When I have “me time” I practice Kundalini yoga (which is more of a pranic workout). But with my toddler, I’m constantly on the move.

What are your go-to natural beauty products?

I start on the inside: our beauty dust keeps the system alkaline with green juice and fermented foods high in probiotics keep my gut clean. Good raw fat from our sprouted stone ground almond butter and ghee feed my hormones, brain and skin. I balance my Prana system and keep my glandular balanced with Kundalini. For the polishing of the outside, I love my collaboration with odacite “Clair de Lune.” I hydrate my face with a simple Dead Sea mineral bar soap. For my body and hair, I use man shampoo, pratima love oil and raw shea butter.

Who in the industry inspires you most?

Love this question! The Ottos from Beverly Hills juice are an inspiration and support, Ron Teegarten and Rhemannia Thomas have been huge educators when it comes to the herb world, David Wolfe and Truth Calkins were my illuminators on the path of superfoods. Donna Gates and Gabriel Cousins have been a force of knowledge when it comes to diet and theory, and Suzanne Goin and Alice Waters taught me the poetry of produce.

What is next for you and Moon Juice?

I have a couple of books coming out (the first in April of 2016) and we may be coming to NYC this year!  I am more excited than ever to continue this global conversation about happiness, health and beauty!

What does Health Beauty Fit mean to you? 

It’s everything. It means the world to me: everything positive comes from this place.

Quick Fire:

Sweet or savory? Savory

East Coast or West Coast? They have become one big coast to me

Lip or eyes? Eyes

Sparkling or still water? Room temp and still

Smoothie or juice? Green juice

Yoga or Pilates? Yoga

Coffee or tea? Tea