Fitness | May 11th 2015


Springtime sunshine definitely calls for outdoor festivities; picnics in the park, BBQs with grilled veggies galore and Mary-Garitas on the beach. However, tank top weather presents another opportunity that’s worth celebrating: Bike to Work Week. In honor of this eco-friendly fete, we’re bringing you a round up of our favorite bike accessories.

We’ve teamed up with City Seat to give away one of their awesome bike covers, so you can add a little pizazz to your ride (whether it be your road bike, the bike in your spin studio or a city bike share)! To enter, tag us @HBFit of you looking oh so chic biking to work! We will announce the winner next Monday!

If you’re really loving City Seat, show your support by checking out their indie-gogo!

1. Handle Bar Flower Vase  2. boomBOTTLE wireless Speaker  3. Bern Diabla Helmet  4. CitySeat Bike Cover  5. Bookman’s LED Light  6. Annex iPhone Mount  7. Poketo Pattern Bike Bell 8.Peterboro Bike Basket