Fitness | May 25th 2015


We preach exercising daily, but it’s also important to relax as it’s imperative to keep the mind and body in check. While we love a good massage or an infrared sauna, treating ourselves can get a little pricey. However, you don’t always have to break the bank to reap the benefits of recovery. Here are some of our favorite ways to recover, for little to no cost:

Roll it out: Using a tennis ball to massage your muscles is an easy technique to break up knots. By targeting super sore areas, you’ll regenerate the muscle more quickly–which can lead to better performance.

Experiment in the kitchen: There’s something so zen about zoning out whilst making a meal. Browse one of our favorite foodie blog, The Crunchy Radish, for inspo on new plant-based recipes!

Clear your mind: As newbies to meditation, we were intimidated to get started on something we didn’t know too much about. Thankfully we heard about the Headspace App, which walks you through the process to make mindfulness a bit more manageable.

Soak it up: Taking a hot bath with Epsom salts is a seriously effective way to unwind (both for you wallet and your bod). This simple practice will do everything from relaxing the nervous system to soothing back pain.

Full Body Stretch Sesh: Dedicating 45 minutes to loosening your sore muscles will leave you feeling ultra refreshed and prepared to dominate your next workout. If this seems like a little too long for your liking, throw on your most-played iTunes playlist and dedicate a stretch per song!


Photograph Courtesy: Free People Movement