Health | May 27th 2015


Attention, attention—we’ve got the inside scoop on how to score the brows you’ve always wanted! Industry expert Robin Evans, founder of her namesake Brow Studio in NYC (and recently, New London, CT) is spilling on how to get brows like trend setter Cara Delevingne. Loved by Allure, New York Magazine and Marie Claire, Robin breaks down how to get the natural and soft look that’s all the rage (and here to stay!):

Give Less Hair Some Love 

When filling in brows, I like to start where my clients need it most. With a pencil or powder, don’t be afraid to fill in where the hair is sparse, make sure to be very light handed when filling in the rest of the brow. The final step is to take a brow brush and give the brows a hard brush, which will soften the pencil or powder and fix any mistakes.

Eye Pencil = Brow Stencil

To shape your brows at home, fill them in with pencil first to form the shape that you want. After forming this shape, tweeze what is left underneath the brow. Only touch the hair above the brow if you want an even cleaner look.

Thicker Brows

Use Rogaine, Latisse or Castor Oil for increased hair growth. Use a q-tip to apply for precision in application. 

Tinted Brow Gel is Your Friend

 There are lots of brow mascaras on the market that you can use to add some color to you brow hair—two of my favorites are MAC Waterproof Brow Set and Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara. For actual semi-permanent tinting, I would definitely suggest seeing a professional, as brow hair tints very quickly and if you’re not careful they could come out too dark—aka major brow regret! 

Don’t Discount the Professional

The best advice for shaping your brows that I could give is to see a brow expert. It’s much easier to maintain brows that have been groomed by a professional- I recommend you follow the line created, don’t get too tweezer happy! Most of my clients that tweeze in between find that they can maintain them for about two months before they need to come back in for a fresh start.