Health | May 6th 2015


With spring in full bloom, beautiful roses seem to be everywhere. While they do make for a beautiful centerpiece, there are major practical benefits to roses that extend beyond the vase on your coffee table.

Roses are notoriously nourishing plants with many internal and external healing properties. When ingested, roses have been known to alleviate chest pain, remedy coughs and heal depression. Due to their antiseptic nature, roses also make for powerful toners and astringents. 

Below is a round up of our favorite products that are centered around this healing powerhouse! 

1. Shiva Rose Face Oil  2. Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea 3. Weleda Rose Deodorant 4.  Antidote rose salt + lemon chocolate 5. Rose Petal Witch Hazel 6. Fresh Rose Eye Gel Cream  7. Beauty Counter Rosewater Uplifting Spray  8. Smith’s Rosebud Salve 9. Valmot Repairing Oil