Health | June 2nd 2015


As much as we love a little dark chocolate in our lives, we try to only indulge every so often due to the high sugar content. Recently, we came across a company called Antidote, which is challenging our conception of this delicious dessert treat. Antidote encourages daily consumption of their chocolate (no, you’re not dreaming!) as they look at it as a solution to balance energy levels, mood, and fatigue as well as a way to obtain their company ethos, “Health Through Pleasure.” We were intrigued about this practice, so of course we knew we had to do our due diligence and investigate.

Antidote’s bars are handcrafted on the Camino Verde Farm in Ecuador through a unique process that seeks to present cacao in its most optimal form. To preserve a high cacao content (73-100%), the farm uses only organic arriba nacional beans and blends 50% raw beans with 50% roasted beans to create the ultimate formula. By combining this pristine level of quality with artisanal ingredients, antidote presents highly unique flavor profiles that are fit for the gods, which is why each bar is named after a deity. From Artemis (almond + fennel) to Panakeia (lavender + red salt) to Hybris (mango + juniper), you’re sure to find a blend that will surprise and delight you.

According to founder, Red Thalhammer, all Antidote bars boast the 5 A’s:

  1. Aphrodisiac
  2. Anti-Stress
  3. Appetite Suppressant
  4. Anti-Oxidant (aka Anti-Inflammatory)
  5. Anti-Depressant

Bottom line: a carefully sourced, ethically created, chocolate bursting in health benefits that you can eat every day? Sign us up.

Antidote can be found in select stores across the U.S., including Whole Foods and online