Fitness | July 24th 2015


In the beginning of any relationship, we try to be whom we think the other person will like. For some, that’s pretending you actually know the status of the NFL Draft—for others, it’s faking all the words to Drake’s album in the car ride (while trying not to reveal that you actually know every Taylor Swift lyric). In my case with Brendan, we wanted the other to think that we were really nonchalant and easygoing—and that we weren’t uptight about things like dieting or working out. When we first met, we watched the sunrise in Miami after a long night at Art Basel and were making fun of the people we saw on their morning runs—when secretly, we wanted to be those people!

Slowly but surely, our mutual obsession with health and fitness inevitably surfaced. We started making smoothies together and shared our favorite boxing gyms during dates. Our friends were weirded out—wasn’t it strange to sweat profusely in the other’s presence? Don’t you look stupid when you’re doing certain moves? Won’t the other feel weird? Our answers were a resounding NO. Brendan and I were so sure about ourselves, we didn’t care how we looked, or if the other was better at something. Full disclosure-we have gotten to the point where we think about our outfits in tandem, mostly because we wear such similar colors! Our favorite place for activewear these days is Old Navy because they have such a fun range of shades. ON also absorbs sweat the best, so we are always photo-ready!

Eventually, we had the confidence to reveal our true selves. Once we did, we realized that we have the same interests and were able to openly try new things together. And sure, sometimes Brendan is better—especially when it comes to pull ups and calisthenics—and sometimes I kick his ass (my double-under jump rope game is crazy). We have fun challenging each other, as we know that having a competitive relationship with your partner can be a healthy and fun! And at the end of the day, even if our strengths don’t always align, our outfits do.

Sponsored by Old Navy 

Photography: Marco Piovanotto