Health | August 17th 2015


Share Hows

Setting intentions is a proactive strategy to reach your goals, especially when it comes to health and fitness. And it’s not only around the new year that we might realize we need to make some changes. Whether you’re feeling a lack of energy or wish to get your body toned and ready for the summer season, let’s explore how to set intentions for a healthy and active week—hopefully before you get bogged down with meetings and after work events. Remember, it’s important to make time for yourself, no matter how tempting another margarita on the patio is.

Plan Your Meals for the Week

Go grocery shopping on a relaxing Sunday and spend some time either preparing your meals for the week or writing out what you’ll be making each day. Not only will this strategy save you money, it will also take the unknowns out of the equation, making it easier for you to avoid eating unhealthy foods on-the-go and burning through your bank account while you’re at it.

Map Out a Realistic Exercise Plan

Once you’ve got your meals locked down, turn your focus towards your activities for the week. Look at your schedule and map out a realistic exercise plan that you know you can stick to. Whether that means doing yoga two or three evenings, walking to work instead of driving, hitting the gym before the office, or cycling around your city on a nice evening, put these activities into your schedule. Better yet, plan with a friend for some accountability.

Journal About Your Progress Nightly

One of the best ways to feel motivated on your journey towards a healthy and active lifestyle is to take time to reflect by recording your thoughts and giving yourself accolades for what you’ve accomplished. Keep the momentum going by journaling about your progress each night before bed, or at very least tell yourself “good job!” with enthusiasm.

Set Healthy Routines

Getting into a routine puts your brain on autopilot, allowing you to undertake once difficult tasks easily and efficiently. The best way to get into a healthy routine, therefore, is to take on these new, activity-driven tasks in a routine like manner. Go to bed at the same time each night, set the same morning alarm, and if your exercise plan calls for morning fitness, have your running shoes at your bedside.

Soon your healthy routines will trump your unhealthy ones, which may just transform your healthy and active week into an ongoing, sustainable lifestyle. But hey, you can still indulge every once in a while, especially if you know you’re setting yourself up for success the next week—we won’t tell.

Photos: Share Hows, schab / Shutterstock, Foundry