Beauty | October 26th 2016

5 Cool-Girl Hair Colors to Try This Fall

This week is Beauty Week at HBFIT and we are SO excited to be content-swapping with the babes over at Byrdie Beauty for #HBFITxByrdie. Byrdie, part of the uber chic posse that brought you Who What Wear and My Domaine, is one of our favorite resources for all things beauty. The Byrdie team will be sharing beauty tips and tricks, how you can elevate your fall pumpkin obsession even more, and giving us inside access to their own editorial team’s go-tos all week. We can’t wait to show you what they have to say…

There’s something about fall’s crisp, cool days that has us itching for change. Maybe it’s the leaves changing and exploding into a reddish-orange kaleidoscope, or the lowering temps–whatever, the reason, we’re ready for a beauty routine revamp. And what better place to start than our hair? Heads up: auburns and chestnut tones are so 2015. Instead, we’re seeing a whole new crop of edgy, cool-girl hair colors on the rise. From rose-gold to chocolate mauve, keep scrolling for three stunning, unexpected hair colors to try this fall.

Rose Gold

Our very own news editor Victoria Hoff took the plunge and went from brunette to this mesmerizing, metallic shade of rose-gold. Since then, Kylie Jenner has followed suit, and we’ve been seeing this pink-tinged gold everywhere.


Chocolate Mauve

If you’re a brunette and not into the idea of bleaching your hair before going rose-gold, try the brunette version of rose gold: chocolate mauve. The look is deceptively simple, but actually requires five different tints. The result is a stunning, multidimensional brunette shade with just a hint of purple and pink.


Pumpkin Spice

We have to admit, we rolled our eyes a bit at this trend. Is nothing sacred from the pumpkin spice effect come fall?! But then, we saw the actual color—and it’s surprisingly stunning. A mix between rich auburn and glossy brown, pumpkin spice-inspired hair is actually straight-up mesmerizing.


Tiger Eye

Tiger eye is a shiny brown gemstone laced with streaks of gold—and that’s exactly what the hair color version of it looks like, too. A warm brunette or dark chocolate base paired with honey-hued highlights brightens your face instantly, and is the perfect option if you’re a brunette who wants a more subtle change.


Icy Blonde

Fall 2016’s version of platinum is brighter and icier than ever before. Veering into silver territory, this bright-blonde shade is an instant attention-grabber and not for the faint of heart. The payoff, however, is well worth it. Just make sure to use a toning shampoo at least once a week to keep brassiness at bay.