Health | January 9th 2017

5 Healthy Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

As much as we love our kale chips and chia seed smoothies, sometimes we need some healthy inspo from social media to help get us back on track. With so many inspiring recipe developers, foodies, and bloggers out there, we can get lost in all the colorful acai bowls and photogenic matcha lattes. We love following healthy Instagram accounts, so we wanted to share some of our favorites with you. Check out the lineup:

Lee Tilghman, @Leefromamerica 

Lee is a recipe developer and food stylist from Los Angeles, and her vibrant food posts are almost too pretty to eat! Her feed is filled with colorful photos of roasted veggies, creative toasts, and delicious smoothie bowls. Who knew organic produce could look so artistic?


Blair Flynn, @Balancewithb

Blair is a yoga instructor and whole foods enthusiast with some killer healthy recipes to share. After struggling through years of digestive issues and food sensitivities, Blair turned her digestive health issues into a positive venture by creating her own blog for yummy recipes filled with whole ingredients. We’re obsessed with her chocolate chip oat cookies!


Jeannette Ogden, @Shutthekaleup

Jeannette is a new mom, yoga instructor, fitness nut, and lover of real food made with real ingredients. Forget about counting calories or restricting healthy fat. Jeannette prides herself on listening to her body and filling up on whole, non-toxic ingredients that nourish and satisfy. From coconut oil roasted veggies to creamy collagen smoothies, Jeannette’s Instagram feed features real food that will make you rethink going low-carb or dairy-free.


Miranda Hammer Shear, @Thecrunchyradish

For anyone who thinks fruits and vegetables can’t be made into a delicious, gourmet dish, check out The Crunchy Radish on Instagram. Miranda is a New York-based registered dietitian and natural foods chef who prides herself on creating top-notch health-supportive dishes. We love that her feed combines healthy food with fun ingredients and well-balanced details.


Katie Lemons, @Twist_of_lemons

Katie Lemons is a Functional Medicine Nutrition student with a passion for putting a twist on healthy ingredients. Her Instagram feed is filled with healthy homemade snacks, filling post-workout smoothies, and creative puns to go along with them! We’re obsessed.