Beauty | November 23rd 2016

5 Lifehacks for Girls with Facial Hair


When it comes to women’s appearances, it feels like everyone has something to say. But no matter the noise, the choice to keep, style, or remove your body’s hair is always one you should be comfortable making for yourself. Your hair is your choice, and it’s beautiful no matter the choice you make — as model Harnaam Kaur showed everyone when she opted to eschew hair removal and celebrate her natural beard on the runway in 2016.

If you’re a long-time shaver, you’ve probably noticed that there’s not much in stores that speaks to you. Girls on the hunt for hair removal products, aftershaves, and moisturizers for keeping their post-shave faces feeling fresh are hard-pressed to find something meant just for them.

But why is facial hair — or hair removal — so explicitly gendered? Women with facial hair are everywhere, and they’re beautiful whether they want to rock their stubble or go smooth. For girls with peach fuzz, babes with beards, and femmes with five o’clock shadows, look no further. If you’re curious about facial hair removal and struggling to find something fun and feminine, we’ve got you covered.

The frequency of your facial hair removal is a big influence on your ideal hair removal technique. If a daily to weekly treatment is up your alley, you might want to check out epilators and shavers. And if you’re on the hunt for an occasional or monthly hair removal method, then creams and strips — with or without the help of razors — are going to do the trick.


For folks looking for facial hair removal tools designed to be kind on skin that’s sensitive to acne and irritation, you might find that transitioning to a less irritating shaving product is essential. Most shavers packaged as “men’s products” aren’t made to give your skin the softer treatment it needs. Changes in hormone levels for whatever reason — like puberty, therapy, or age — can cause increased skin sensitivity, and not every shaver has a gentle touch. If you’re in the market for an electric razor that actually feels good to use, Panasonic makes a great wet/dry shaver that you can even use on wet skin right out of the shower.


Instead of shaving, an epilator works as a high-powered hair plucker. Emjoi makes a slim 18-tweezer compact epilator that removes hair right from the root comfortably, leaving skin smooth for up to six weeks. For detailed grooming work and smaller scale touch ups, La-Tweez offers a set of two tweezers with a built-in light for better visibility, and a magnifying mirror on the case.

Creams and Waxes

The organic beauty company Moom makes an all-natural hair removal kit using tea tree oil and calming chamomile and lemon to gently remove your body and facial hair without leaving the skin sore or sensitive. Their treatment last up to two months, even in sensitive areas. Veet’s easy to use hair removal creams work in the shower, and their high-precision waxing strips are ideal for getting into tight spots for long-lasting smooth skin.

Pre-laser Gels

Lastly, girls who have been removing their facial hair for years might be considering laser hair removal. If you find that laser leaves your skin feeling a little irritated, Tria sells a calming gel specially designed for pre-treatment use to give the laser a gentler touch on your skin.

Remember, laser works in the long term, but one of the few side effects of laser hair removal can be a darkening or lightening of skin or hair in the affected area. In those cases, you might see your facial hair stand out more clearly — that’s normal, and you can get rid of those spotty visible patches using your regular shaving or waxing treatment, at no risk to your skin. If you’re worried about irritation while shaving, Bevel Shave System makes a line of shaving creams specially made to hydrate and moisturize sensitive skin.

Your facial hair is nothing to be ashamed of, and you deserve to feel femme and fun as you face the world. Shaving — or not shaving — should be an easy part of your routine. So if you make the decision to go smooth, don’t struggle with products that aren’t right for you or your skin.