Beauty | September 21st 2016

5 Skin Tips That Are Way Smarter Than Popping That Pimple Right Now


No one — and we mean no one — wants a pimple. They’re uncomfortable, unsightly, and stick out like a sore thumb. But as satisfying as it might be to zap that zit, popping a pimple is never really the end of your acne woes. The collateral damage — redness, soreness, scarring, and discoloration — are killer, and can often leave your skin looking more blemished!

When it comes to skincare, there are always better options out there. If you’re itching to end your acne woes (and we don’t blame you), resist the temptation to pop that pimple. Try these 5 skin care tips instead.

  1.  Use Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil, made from the steam distilled from leaves of the tea tree shrub, has all kinds of skincare benefits. This natural bacteria-fighting product is a major key to fighting acne-causing germs without harming your skin.

It’s slower acting than heavy duty cleansers, but tea tree oil is a terrific long term ingredient that will do wonders for clearing up your skin the natural way.

  1. Give Your Dehydrated Skin the Drink it Needs

Most skin care guides tell you to treat acne by removing every trace of dreaded oil from your skin. But the truth is, acne has many causes, and one of those is dehydrated skin.

Unlike dry skin, which naturally produces little to no oil, dehydrated skin is lacking in moisture. When your skin isn’t getting enough water, it reacts by overproducing oil to compensate for the moisture it needs. That oil is one way that you can get acne.
If your skin is dehydrated, replace harsh, astringent cleansing products with light lotions, moisturizing toners, and foaming cleansers. Start by checking out these BioDerma products that are guaranteed to hydrate your skin and leave you feeling fresh and clean. They can treat your acne by minimizing pores and restoring your skin’s health, so it stops the over-producing oil.

  1. Moisturize the Right Way

Moisturizing is essential. But some moisturizers, especially ones designed to be low on oil, end up using waxes and silicones in their formula as binding agents. The problem is that those waxes and silicones are major pore-cloggers. So even while you’re moisturizing, you might be adding dirt-trapping elements to your skin and egging on acne.

Instead, trying moisturizing in separate steps. First, apply a light skin hydrating product, and then dab on your oil-based moisturizer. That way you can get the benefits of both products, without having to deal with those nasty pore-clogging binding agents.

  1. Bring Out The Big Guns

If your skin is oily and your acne just won’t go away, sometimes the best strategy is an anti-bacterial blitz. Many skincare products feature ingredients that will go a long way in fighting acne, including salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Look for those ingredients and pick products smart to maximize the anti-acne punch.

  1. Put Skin Health First

Instead of just popping a zit, level up your skincare altogether. For a long-term comprehensive solution to common acne problems, look at healing your skin from the inside out. Incorporating some lifestyle changes, drinking lots more water, and adding ingredients that are good for your skin to your diet will help your body improve its health overall, and it’ll show on your skin.