Fitness | November 9th 2016

5 Studios We Need Right Now

This election has been a hard and stressful time, so what better way to unwind than with a class that’s all about gratitude? Now that it’s Gratitude month here at HBFIT, we’ve been trying out classes around the city that correlate with our November theme, and we wanted to share some of our favorites with you. Whether you’re looking to break a sweat, stretch out your sore muscles, or focus on mindfulness, there’s a class that’ll perfectly suit your mood while making you grateful you chose to take care of your body. Check out these classes we’ve been loving. 

LIFTED at Studio B


You may know Holly Rilinger’s name from around the NYC fitness scene, but if you haven’t tried out her innovative LIFTED class at Bandier’s Studio B, you’re missing out. Holly has made a name for herself through her Nike training events, fully-booked Flywheel classes, and her role on Bravo’s Workout NY, but this innovative class is something entirely new to the industry and we’re totally hooked. We tried out the hour-long fusion of high intensity training and meditation, and fell in love with the unexpected combination. We love that Holly’s class is all about being “in the moment” and achieving physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Sweating it out never felt so good!

Circuit of Change


Take the Mind Body Bootcamp at Circuit of Change and you won’t want to leave by the time class ends! The mind-body experience at this unique studio is unlike any other class we’ve ever taken. The unexpected combination of yoga, cardio, martial arts, and stretching makes for an hour-long sweat session that will leave you feeling completely revived and rejuvenated. We love that the class combines intense movement with an emphasis on mental health and positivity as well. The founder, Brian Delmonico and awesome wife Alyssa are instructors themselves, and their bootcamp classes are guaranteed to help you find peace of mind in movement.



Do your mind a favor and book yourself a cushion at MNDFL this month. MNDFL is a studio dedicated solely to meditation, and their classes are suitable for the experienced meditators as well as beginners. They offer either 30 or 45 minute classes, and they include themes like Breath, Heart, Intentions, and even, yup- Gratitude! We love that their classes are all about making YOU feel your best and spreading positive energy. You’ll feel so grateful you went.



You may recognize this studio name from our #WCW a few weeks back when we interviewed the Shaktibarre founders, Corinne and Shauny. We felt this studio would be so fitting for Gratitude month, since their yoga and barre fusion class combines barre moves with yogic breathing, strengthening your body from the inside out. Shaktibarre classes will leave your body feeling toned as well as open to healing and recovery, which is what differentiates them from everything else out there.

Ben Turshen Meditation


If you love running from class to class but feel like you need a little relaxing break, check out Ben Turshen’s Vedic Meditation studio. Former SoulCycle instructor and lifelong athlete, Ben Turshen decided to open his own Vedic Meditation practice, where he is now a Master Teacher. Ben turned to Vedic Meditation after years of trouble sleeping, and found calming and relaxing benefits in this ancient Indian technique. In Vedic Meditation, the mind and body experience a natural settling into a state of deep rest. It’s effortless and efficient, and the studio even offers free intro classes for new clients to learn the technique and experience the benefits of Vedic Meditation.