Health | October 12th 2018

5 Ways to Introduce Cannabis Into Your Self-Care Routine

So you’re a total noob. You don’t smoke weed at all — or haven’t since a terrifying experience in college. You’ve read about CBD, but you’re not actually sure what the letters stand for (it’s short for cannabidiol, btw). You’ve started to notice cannabis conversations cropping up everywhere, but you’re just not sure it’s for you. And you’re not alone. Cannabis is intimidating by design.

The whole point of the War on Drugs was to make it seem scary. And decades later, the plant still carries around a whole lot of stigma, even as we start to see the laws around it loosen. But the truth is, cannabis is just a plant and incorporating it into your self-care regime is safer than a whole host of toxic beauty and skincare brands currently on the market. For perspective, the beauty industry is unregulated in the US and many products that make it onto store our shelves have been altogether banned in Europe.

The important thing to remember is that cannabis has been used for thousands of years, across thousands of cultures to all kinds of affects, not the least of which has been to heal our bodies, spirits, and our minds. In 2018, that all translates to self-care. So, as the pendulum around cannabis swings back, we can now start to better understand all of the incredible applications for the plant — some of which have nothing at all to do with getting high AF.

So, from skincare to keeping it chill AF after a long ass day, here are five easy ways to start incorporating the plant du jour into your self-care routine — no matter how big of a neophyte you may be.

  1. Swap your glass of wine for cannabis.

After a big day, switching gears is one of the toughest things. It’s important to get out of work and into *you* and that’s why a glass of wine can be so helpful. But if you’re like a lot of people, wine makes you breakout, wakes you up at 3 a.m., and makes you feel like a faded version of yourself the next day. Cannabis can be every bit as effective in helping you take a load off without the annoying side effects.

  • To feel chill but not high, try Wildflower CBD+ Vaporizer.
  • To kick it old school but feel a tiny bit high, try rolling a low-dose herbal spliff with some bud (assuming you’re have access) and the Barbari Herbal Blend.
  • To get real cozy, try a cannabis-infused tea like Kikoko, a low-dose edible (5mg or less) like Kiva Blueberries, or a light sativa vaporizer like Beboe. Unfortunately, these specific products are only available in California.
  1. Start your day with some CBD.

Just like taking vitamins in the morning, a CBD tincture can be a nice way to keep your CBD intake regular, which is an important part of this. You may not know it, but your body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which explains why we respond so well to cannabis. Essentially, the ECS a network of receptors that are responsible for maintaining the body’s equilibrium or homeostasis — which is fancy speak for regulating things like pain, appetite, sleep, immune function, neurogenesis and stress. Researchers have found that a daily dose of CBD can help to keep all of that in balance. Try the 2rise Naturals’ CBD with Bioavailable Turmeric Tincture, which tastes great — and that’s not always the case with these things!. Or to make it part of your regular vitamin habit, try Plant People’s CBD+ Everyday Capsules

  1. Cover your body in it (and your vagina too!)

Putting cannabis topicals on your skin won’t make you high. And generally speaking, you’re perfectly fine to drive after applying cannabis-infused creams or balms to the skin. The one exception would be a THC-infused lubricant, which has been known to make some people high.

  1. Soak it up.

A hot bath can work magic. But a hot bath with epsom salts? Now that’s a gift from the heavens. Add cannabis to that, and you have yourself a new level of chill. Try putting a few drops of Apothecanna’s Calming Oil with CBD or Kush Queen’s CBD Bath Bomb. You might just feel yourself become one with the bathtub.

  1. Post-workout recovery

Taking care of your body after a workout is as important as working out itself. Beyond eating the right stuff, staying hydrated, stretching, and resting up, there’s one more way to kick that recovery game up a few. Studies have shown that using cannabis topicals can help reduce inflammation significantly, so next time you’re feeling sore, try Apothecanna’s CBD Circulating Creme or Wildflower’s extra refreshing CBD+ Healing Stick.

Writer: Anna Duckworth, Miss Grass

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