Beauty | March 22nd 2016



In the words of DJ Khaled himself, “The key to more success is a clean heart and a clean face.” Although we may not be able to help you out on the first answer–we can certainly help you look your best with tips from our brow guru, Robin Evans (who you might remember from her last installment)! Robin has rounded up 5 Do’s/Don’t to keep your look polished and fresh this season

DO Exfoliate. Spring cleaning is for your brows too! Use a brow brush to firmly brush your brows, brushing until you see little to no flaking. Follow using a face oil/cream to moisturize. Finally, brush brows again to put them in their place.

DO Trim it Up. Brush brows up and if you see extra long hairs give them a clipping. Don’t just follow top of the brow and cut all hairs, as that usually leaves them looking choppy and unnatural!

DON’T Tweeze Above Your Brow. Use a pencil or powder and fill in all sparse areas of your brows. Now tweeze all the little hairs underneath, and in between, keeping them full, and not too wide. You can tweeze above too if you like a super clean look, but if you like a more natural look, then leave those hairs be!

DO Use Gel. From clear to tinted, there are so many gels to choose from these days! The main difference is that tinted colors give your brows a little more depth while holding them in place. For a more polished look, apply using the brush from the inside of your brow to the outside. For a more dramatic look brush them up. Some stand out brands I love are MAC, Maybelline and Revlon.

DO Tweeze Short Hairs. As the hair grows in, maintenance is necessary. You may also want to visit a specialist from time to time to give you a great shape that you can follow and maintain on your own!


Text: Intro by Ava Donaldson | Tips by Robin Evans