Fitness | November 22nd 2016

6 Reasons Why You Need to Make Jumping Rope Part of Your Workout Routine


It’s not just for kids — jumping rope is like getting an all-in-one stress-busting, strength-building, endurance-boosting, HIIT cardio machine that also fights against sports injuries, and it costs basically nothing. Jumping rope will do wonders for any workout, and there are tons of reasons why you need to incorporate it into your fitness plan!

Jumping rope isn’t just for the playground, the backyard, or the world of warm up exercises — here are six amazing reasons that it might be a big player the best workout routines out there.

  1. Building Strength

Jumping rope isn’t just a healthy way to lose weight. Being active and healthy is about overall fitness, and everyone knows that fitness and weight loss are two totally different things; simply losing weight isn’t essential for how to get fit!

The real advantage of jumping rope is that it’s also an easy exercise to take up for folks wondering how to get stronger. Just 30 minutes of jumping rope does wonders for building strength, and increasing overall muscle tone. Spending a half hour jumping rope is a warmup exercise and daily mini-workout in one, especially for the arms and legs — your quadriceps, deltoids, and hamstrings all get the benefits of jumping rope.

  1. HIIT Cardio

But it goes beyond developing muscle memory and muscle tone. In fact, just 15 minutes of high intensity exercise using the jump rope benefits your body overall. That’s because jumping rope is really effective as high intensity interval training (HIIT).

HIIT cardio — also known as high-intensity intermittent exercise — is proven to burn more calories to lose weight and to increase endurance in both the aerobic and anaerobic systems. At a brisk pace, steady jumping burns over 300 calories. In terms of burning calories through aerobic exercise, even just ten minutes of vigorous jumping can be equivalent to running an eight-minute mile.

  1. Full-Body Exercise for Beginners

Jumping rope constitutes simple training that newcomers to the gym can incorporate into designing their personal best workout routine for beginners. Good exercise form while jumping rope includes maintaining a taut posture, making it an ideal dynamic core exercise; you’ll get a good workout for your abs while jumping.

  1. Injury Prevention

It’s no mystery that jumping rope is going to do wonders for your legs. As well as improving foot coordination, jumping rope is a great strengthening exercise for those muscles in the ankle and foot areas that are highly susceptible to strain or injure, but tend to get overlooked.

That’s why many boxers and baseball, tennis, and football players include jumping rope in their workouts. They have to do a lot of pivoting, turning, and sharp movements as part of their sport, motions that put strain on the tissues in their feet and ankles. Jumping rope benefits those muscles and improves stamina while reducing risk of athletic injuries.

  1. Butt Enhancer

But the benefits of jumping rope aren’t limited to the ankles and leg joints. Don’t forget — your legs go all the way up! Spending some time with the jump rope is a surprisingly good butt workout. If you want to strengthen your quads, get a bigger butt, or find a good calves workout, then integrating a solid 15 minutes of jump rope into your workout routine will a long way. Jumping rope is also a great warm up exercise before more targeted butt and thigh exercises like squats.

  1. Brain Benefits

The physical benefits of jumping rope extend beyond your muscles. The repetitive nature of jumping — plus the fact that repeatedly jumping on the balls of your feet requires your brain to make many frequent adjustments in position and balance — improves overall spatial awareness, reflexes, and agility.

Throughout any exercise, your brain is doing a lot of background work. One of the positives of jumping rope is that combining dynamic circular and angular motions in a rhythm can have a really calming effect for your brain. Losing yourself in the jumping works out one aspect of the brain, and allows your mind to focus on other things more calmly. Adding 15-30 minutes of jumping rope into your daily or weekly workout routine might be one of the best exercises for lowering stress!