Fitness | December 13th 2016

7 Everyday Workouts For NYC Girls On The Go

New York girls are always on the move. And if you’re used to living in such a high-speed city, there aren’t always opportunities to make time for heavy-duty exercises — there just isn’t enough time in the day for endurance-testing classes like HIIT cardio or crossfit.

nyc girls on the go

But even if your days are packed, the best exercises and fitness routines aren’t impossible. HBFit knows this city, and we’ve got a bunch of on-the-go exercises up our sleeves for even the busiest girls in NYC.

Running for the subway …

Almost everyone in New York uses the subway, and that means that almost everyone has had to run, jump, duck, and weave to make a transfer or squeeze into a train. Easy access to the subway is so important, that the average New Yorker is willing to pay over $50 in extra rent for an apartment that shaves just one minute off their daily commutes.

Instead of huffing and puffing the next time you need to sprint for your train, you might want to consider jogging at a bit more regular pace. Just jogging for 30 minutes a day will burn calories to lose weight, tone up your core, and improve your overall stamina — so you’ll be able to make that subway run without breaking a sweat.

… And riding the subway

Yes, you can even exercise while riding the subway. Instead of sitting still, reading ebooks, or trying to connect to MTA wifi, maximize your workout time with targeted breathing, flexing, and rotations that will work your core and your neck muscles.

Contracting your abs while in a seated position, doing stretches and reaches, and “lifting” your seat exercises you by using your own muscles; it’s a great way to stretch even while you’re on the way to the gym.

Climbing lots and lots of stairs

Maybe you live on the top storey of an old-fashioned walkup, or maybe the elevator’s just broken in your building and no one’s gotten around to fixing it. Think of it as training — an obstacle course right in your own home? — or a chance to break in your heels.

But look at the bright side! Regular stair climbing can lower resting heart rates and improve your balance, and they offer lots of opportunities for staccato steps and high-impact running. Just don’t do that in heels.

Butt boosters

Have 15 minutes to spare? Then you have time for squats! These thigh-strengthening and butt-lifting exercises for building muscle tone can be done pretty much anywhere. You don’t need any more than an extra few feet of moving room, and there’s no special equipment required (though you’ll get more out of the experience if you use weights).

But if you do have the time to commit to it, and you want to do wonders for your legs and butt, the Bari Studio is a winner. It’s a fun NYC fitness studio with a community vibe, that offers workout classes you’ll look forward to all day.

Dynamic stretching

Dynamic stretches include lunges, leaps, jogging, and other exercises that stretch out your muscles without forcing you to hold a static pose. They’re surprisingly easy to integrate into your daily routine, whether it’s while walking down the street, or even just standing in line outside your favorite lunch spot. Inserting some extra movement into your normal activity can go a long way, and it can start at any time you find yourself with a little wiggle room to try it out.

Jumping rope

We’ve already gone into the many benefits of jumping rope, but it bears repeating. As far as full body cardio goes, jumping rope is a winner — it’s cheap, convenient, portable, and takes no time to fit into your busy schedule. All in all, the perfect exercise for NYC girls who are low on space and spare time.

Stretch it out

Yoga doesn’t need to be a serious time commitment. And if your studio is offering hour-long, breezy classes in your neighborhood, why not be flexible? One of our fave fitness studios, Modo Yoga, has two locations — one in Williamsburg, and the other in the West Village — making it just a hop, skip, and a jump from some of the best places to eat and shop in NYC.