Health | September 18th 2016

7 Perfect Post-Yoga Snacks


We all know that a regular yoga sesh does wonders on the fitness front. Whether you’re working up a sweat stretching out your body, or flexing your mental muscles through meditation, yoga is a great way to stay active while staying centred.

But while your mind may be charged from that post-yoga endorphin rush, what about your body? Any time you’re on your GRIND, you need to top off your energy levels with something nutritious. It’s the best way to keep focused, keep healthy, and keep pushing your limits.

Snacking after a workout doesn’t mean erasing all your progress. Here at HBFit, we believe in achieving alignment between yumminess and fitness. If you’re looking to recharge the right way, here are 7 perfect post-yoga snacks you’ve got to try.

  1. Savory Smoothies

Downing a delicious smoothie after a workout is a great way to get all the benefits of veggies in one tall cold glass. We recommend this turmeric, ginger, and carrot smoothie. Carrots are loaded with antioxidants, and both ginger and turmeric are strong anti-inflammatories. Throwing them together gives you a smoothie rich in nutrients designed to promote healthy joint tissue growth, and reduce the risk of arthritis symptoms so that you can keep up that yoga flexibility.

  1. Dates

Looking for a sugar rush after a great yoga session? Do it right! Dates are full of naturally super-sweet sugars as well as packing a potassium punch. Potassium is important for improving heart health and blood flow, so increasing potassium means you can get more energy from the food you eat. The natural sweetness of dates gives you the boost of blood sugar you need after a good workout, all while doing your body good.

  1. Peanut Butter and Bananas

Peanuts are big on protein, and bananas are big in potassium, making them the perfect snack for recharging post-workout — plus they pair super well together! Peanut butter and bananas can go together on bread or in a smoothie with almond milk if you feel like turning your snack into a meal. They also make a great breakfast for supercharging your body after an early morning yoga class.

  1. Chocolate milk

Everyone knows that milk is packed with calcium, which is essential for maintaining healthy bones. What you might not know is that chocolate milk has all the same benefits as regular milk, plus it tastes amazing. If you want to reward yourself for a great workout, chocolate milk is the perfect post-yoga snack to indulge without sacrificing fitness.

  1. Apples and almonds

Together or apart, raw or reduced, when it comes to the perfect post-yoga snack, apples and almonds are a great pair. Both apples and almonds are rich in fibre, and the natural sweetness of apples plus the healthy fats of almonds are sure to leave you feeling full and satisfied.

  1. Greek Yogurt

Loaded with calcium and protein, and oh-so-portable, a cup of Greek yogurt is ultra-filling and easy to add to. You can mix berries, nuts, granola, or protein powders right into greek yogurt and have enough energy post-yoga to stay in high spirits all day.

  1. Coconut and Cucumber Water

After any workout — but especially if you just got out of a hot yoga class — your body needs to rehydrate pronto. Coconut water gives you fiber and hydration in one, and cucumber water provides the hydration you need with the flavour of antioxidant-rich cucumbers. These tastes pair well together, and will leave you feeling fresh and light.

Get into your grind this National Yoga Month, and don’t forget to give your body the good stuff it needs. This September, stay fit, stay fed, and stay flexible.