Health | March 15th 2017

7 Ways To Be Mindful On Vacation

With Winter storm Stella behind us and Spring finally approaching, it’s time to book a vacation. Whether you’re planning a fun getaway with friends or a low-key trip to relax and recharge, infusing mindfulness into your getaway is key in order to get the most out of your time away. So often, we go on vacation to get away from our hectic schedules and daily routines, but we end up spending the trip checking our work e-mail, planning tours, or rushing to the hotel gym to get in a sweat before dinner. Ditch the unnecessary stress and follow these tips to be mindful on your vacation:

1. Establish Your Vacation Mode

This tip is first and foremost because it starts before you leave on your trip. Vacation is your time off, so it’s important to establish that before you leave. Depending on the person, that could mean setting an automated response to work e-mails, informing friends that you’ll be out of touch for a few days, or just completely leaving your laptop at home. Do what you need to do to establish a vacation mode for yourself. You’ll go on your trip already feeling lighter, more relaxed, and more yourself.

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2. Unplug. Just do it.

This goes hand in hand with the first tip, but it deserves its own point because it’s so important. We spend everyday scrolling, clicking, liking, reposting, and commenting. Your vacation should really be your time to unplug and get your head away from that little bright screen that is so addictive. Choose your own boundaries based on your comfort levels, whether it’s leaving your phone in the hotel room all day, only using devices for photos, or just keeping your phone on Airplane Mode for a few hours. Unplugging will make you so much more present, and you’ll thank yourself later.

3. Have An Open Mind

So often, we go into trips with high expectations and pressure to have the trip of a lifetime. Try to free your mind of expectations and instead, open it up to new experiences. There’s nothing wrong with doing some research and planning beforehand, but try to keep an open mind and say yes to new experiences. It’s obviously your time to relax, but there is so much value in getting out of your comfort zone. Try something new!


4. Make Time For Meditation

By now, you guys know how much we love a good meditation session everyday, but if you don’t have time during the busy workweek, now is the perfect chance to start! Whether you’re using an app, following a guide, or just setting an intention and counting your breaths, fitting in at least ten minutes of meditation everyday will completely change your vacation. Do it when you wake up in the morning, before bed at night, or just while laying by the pool. You can’t go wrong once you find a few moments for mindfulness in your day.

5. Keep it Simple

As much as we love a jam-packed trip, vacations are for relaxing, so just relax! You don’t need to book activities to fill everyday or make reservations at every trendy restaurant you read about. Over scheduling yourself defeats the point of getting away, so remember that simplicity is key. Keeping your trip simple can really help keep you centered and relaxed. Take time just to bond to the people you’re with, curl up with a good book by the pool, or just breathe!


6. Follow Your Natural Rhythm

If you’re used to setting an alarm everyday, eating your meals at the same times, and staying on a set routine, now is the time to let it all go. Over time, your body becomes adapted to your routine, so it might feel different to tune into its natural rhythm at first. Try to go to sleep when you’re tired, skip the alarm, and eat meals when you’re hungry- not when it’s a designated “meal time.” It’ll take some getting used to, but your body will thank you for tuning into your physical mindfulness.

7. Treat Yourself & Acknowledge Each Treat

Everyone knows vacations are about treating yourself, and we’re all for it. If this is the one time a year you’re willing to splurge on a deep-tissue massage or a decadent chocolate dessert, go for it! The one key when it comes to treats, however, is being mindful about the special factor in each indulgence. Instead of making your whole week a “cheat week” or mindlessly spending money on any luxury, choose your treats mindfully and acknowledge the joy you feel when you treat yourself. It’s difficult to do, but it will make the little parts of your vacation so much more special.