Health | September 25th 2019

A Visit to Napa, California with Hannah

In partnership with William Hill Estate Winery.

You guys know I am all about the balance – which means that while I love a morning pilates sesh, I love a good glass of wine at the end of the day just as much.

That’s why I am so excited to share my partnership with William Hill Estate Winery; rooted in the Napa Valley, they have some of the most beautiful profiles of California wines. Brendan and I were lucky enough to visit their unbelievable property in Napa and try them for ourselves. We also got a sneak peek into the wine-making process which was really special.

The first thing we did was head to the Louis M. Martini Winery, which was a really sweet winery that’s also part of the Gallo portfolio. They had an amazing chef and we were able to try all of the wines with a full food pairing, which helped all of the flavors of the wine come to life. To me, food gives wine its context. You all know I’m a total foodie so being able to experience the wine and food together is the best part of the wine-tasting experience for me.

It’s a family owned winery, and there’s a photo in one room of Mr. Gallo and Mr. Martini from the 1940s, so it was such a special cohesive touch that they ended up selling the winery to the Gallo portfolio years later.

From there we went to Orin Swift Cellars, smack in the center of St. Helena, a picturesque strip with cute shops, restaurants, bars and wineries. The little bar was packed full of locals and tourists, and the soundtrack included old school Cali rap. A completely different vibe than the Martini vineyard and that is what’s so cool about the Gallo Portfolio, there is something for everyone.

The next day, we finally got to see the William Hill Estate Winery. At William Hill we did what was probably my favorite activity of the whole trip because we got a complete tour of the cellars and the actual vines the grapes grow on and do a tasting. It’s amazing to see the barrels where they make the wine, and get a sense of just how intricate a process it is.  One of the coolest things we did was smell an array of different fruits while we tasted three different chardonnays, and as we tasted the wine, we had to try and identify what notes we tasted (based on what we just smelled). I was much better at pulling out the fruity notes than I thought I would be! (I think we can attribute my love of experimenting with cooking to that!). It’s so exciting to learn about wine from experts, so that when you taste them all side-by-side you can learn to identify what it actually is you’re tasting. From there, learning what you enjoy can help you go into a wine shop and pick out your favorites anywhere in the world.

My favorite was the William Hill Estate Napa Valley Chardonnay. I definitely got notes of apple and pear, but it has the brightest spicy finish to it that makes it so interesting to sip. We got a few bottles to bring home, and I can’t wait to pair it with one of my salmon dishes the next time we have company.

A total highlight of the  trip was having dinner and spectacular wine, then watching the sunset overlooking the vineyard.

Interested in watching our trip to the William Hill Estate Winery? Check out Brendan’s vlog from our trip HERE.