Beauty | April 17th 2017

Activating Our Inner Beauty At FaceLove

The HBFIT team recently checked out FaceLove at their pop-up location on Fulton street, and let’s just say, we fell in LOVE (pun intended.) FaceLove sessions are choreographed 30 or 45-minute experiences that combine facial massage, exercise, and acupressure into one amazing experience that will leave you feeling rested and rejuvenated. We got the chance to ask the FaceLove founder, Rachel Lang, about the magic behind the unique experience and we can’t wait to share the details with you guys.


We absolutely loved our FaceLove session at the pop-up location here in NYC. Can you explain the different services to someone who has never heard of FaceLove?

FaceLove is the new, beauty wellness ritual rooted in the healing power of touch. We have three different sessions: FaceLove, PureLove, and WholeLove; each one created with a unique intention and subsequent benefits.  All of our sessions open with an aromatherapeutic ritual centered on breath, and close with a soothing jade roller cool down for muscle relief and rest.

Our signature session, FaceLove, focuses on activating your inner beauty through muscle toning massage and muscle strengthening through face exercise. Our touch boosts blood circulation thus revealing a glowing complexion and lifted face posture.

PureLove is our most nourishing and massage-centric service.  The hi-touch session starts at the scalp and works down through the neck and upper body reducing puffiness, elongating the spine, and resulting in optimal well being.  It erases visible signs of stress such as dullness, tension and fatigue. It also releases endorphins, our “pleasure chemicals,” which enhances your “FaceJoy.”

WholeLove addresses the restoration of the mind and body with a whole wellness approach.  The combination of acupressure and facial mapping gives a detoxifying effect and reboots organ vitality while putting the body into a state of rest, by stimulating the para sympathetic nervous system to reach true “sedation mode”.


How did you first come up with the concept for FaceLove?

When starting my facial practice as a young esthetician I was running into resistance from perspective clients who seemed fearful of having a negative reaction to facials like sensitivity or breaking out.  I created the ‘Water” facial which was just my hands and water and the clients skin so nothing to react to and I started to see amazing results.  The skin appeared brighter, radiant, and there were less breakouts and minimized signs of aging like fine lines.  It was then I realized that the power of touch not only made a difference in how you feel if done well (“high touch”) but it also had physiological benefits to the function of the skin such as better elimination and absorption and plumping through circulation.  It launch my lifetime study of indigenous techniques from around the world which have been specially curated by me to be included in the FaceLove experience.



Another thing we love about FaceLove is that the experiences clear both physical and emotional blockages in the facial area. Can you explain how that works?

We love that as well!  FaceLove enables one to experience how the mind and the body are truly connected. The simple answer is stimulation. Our body is an extraordinary and connected eco system in constant strive for balance and harmony, so we must ask ourselves, “What can we do to help?” We know healthy exercise and nutrition are at the core of well living, but massage is also an integral staple.  The National Touch Research Institute (NTRI) at the University of Miami studied the effects of massage on neonatal babies who gained weight twice as fast after being massaged than babies who were not massaged.  Massage: helps balance metabolism, is an anti depressant, heals injury, and offers so many more benefits.  Additionally, 43 of the face muscles are connected directly with emotions so by releasing tension in the face muscles it is possible to elevate mood and reduce swelling from stress around the head.  “If you feel better you look better,” is the old saying and for us, it is about giving love and warmth through touch, human to human contact in the high tech world we live in. It is something we think society needs, hence the “FaceLove,” and reconnecting you to the Source by knocking down the barriers to love. (Inspiration: Gabrielle Bernstein, The Universe Has Your Back)

The physical blockages occur due to stagnation so once a flow is set in place, then there is room for the skin to breathe and recover.  This type of purposeful stimulation catalyzes the production of collagen which in turn reveals an instantly livelier and youthful skin. To tackle the emotional blockages, we rely on the body’s own chemical response to touch.  FaceLove reduces the stress chemical “cortisol” and increases the pleasure and pain blockers we know as endorphins by massaging key segments of the upper body rich in lymph nodes (like behind the ear or around the neck).


Most people have never worked out their facial muscles before, and that’s an essential part of the FaceLove experience. What is facial fitness?

There are fifty seven muscles in the facial area and they can be exercised and strengthened just like the muscles of the body.  Facial fitness is the practice of natural skin care through a routine of exercise and touch. We know that an active muscle versus an inactive one delivers ten times the circulation to the surface of the skin, feeding the skin with vital nutrients and oxygen to result in a radiant and healthy appearance.  Also muscle has memory which is why the body can be sculpted so there are long term benefits to doing face exercise.  If face exercise is routine the muscles will increase and maintain form, continuously nourish skin and positively activate cellular metabolism which slows down as we age especially in the face.


How do you want clients to feel after a treatment at FaceLove?

Joyful, rejuvenated, and grounded!  We say every hour is happy hour at FaceLove and we are referring to the endorphins not cocktails.  Often the feedback from our clients is that they could not stop smiling for the rest of the day.  We like to think that means there is a positive ripple effect out in the world as a result.  We want FaceLove to be an oasis and a place of healing that is accessible and affordable so it can be incorporated into weekly ritual in honor of self love.


Can FaceLove treatments actually make your skin look younger? What are a couple tips you’d give to women who want to take better care of their skin at home?

Yes, it does!  It takes about four weeks of weekly visits and daily at-home practice.  Our long time clients have testified to seeing fewer fine lines and a more radiant complexion overall. We see FaceLove as an important element of self-care, but we encourage and believe in a whole wellness approach that begins with mindful nutrition and exercise. For example, at the end of every self massage we suggest taking a few full deep breaths (feeling the upper core of the body expanding with every inhalation) and drinking a full glass of water to replenish the body’s water source which can evaporate from the toxic heat or inflammation rendered by daily stress.


What’s one thing you wish more women knew about facial care?

Our sweet FaceLover, Elena, says, “Our face is the window to our health. It reveals how well balanced your life, nutrition, and overall being is. Beauty really comes from within, so why mask it or try to fix it with external remedies?” At FaceLove, we want women to lean into their inner beauty and listen to their bodies.  The spots, inflammation, or acne are symptoms and signs of greater health imbalances so it’s vital that we pay attention and fix the problem from within.


What’s one myth you hear about facial care that you want to bust?

That it is a luxury! We believe in the self-care lifestyle but disagree with two beauty world paradigms: One, that beauty is pain;  and two, that it is a luxury indulgence. To us, it is mainly about self-love; about making time for yourself and taking care.  We often say that half the benefits of using a cream come from the fact that you have to touch your face to apply it.  Blood follows our hand, and will regenerate the skin from within wherever there is touch.


You guys are currently holding your gorgeous pop-up location at TenOverTen on Fulton Street. What’s next for FaceLove?

We love doing pop-ups because we get to grow our relationships with other incredible wellness leaders, like Nadine and  at tenoverten.  We will continue our pop-up at 121 Fulton Street through the end of April.  We are planning on opening a permanent FaceLove flagship destination in the Fall 2017 while maintaining our shop in shop relationships.