Beauty | December 7th 2016

Best Self-Tanner to Beat the Winter Blues


There’s no denying it anymore — that bite in the wind is here to stay. Winter is fast approaching, to the dismay of sun-lovers everywhere. And though the days may be shorter, there are still things to do, places to be, and spots to be seen. So even as you’re bundling up, remember — there’s nothing wrong with showing a little skin every now and then, especially if you’re showing off some much-needed color to outshine those winter blahs.

The summer’s over, but if we can’t get our vitamin D right from the source, we might as well fake it till we make it. Shake free from that daylight savings-induced slump, and add some sunlight to your wintry world with tanned skin that’s glowing with health and heat.

In these chilly months where it gets dark before dinner, it’s more occasion than ever to add a splash of sun with the best self tanners to beat the winter blues. These six bronze blessings are a vibrant vacation for your skin that’s sure to leave you feeling balmy and beautiful wherever you end up this winter.

The best drugstore self tanners, best self tanning lotions, and high-end sunless tanner beauty products alike should be applied after exfoliating, and always after moisturizing. They should go on evenly and smoothly, and produce a streak-free color that suits your skin tone.

These six best self tanners are suited for both dark-skinned girls who want to make their melanin pop, and fair-skinned girls missing the summer sun. No matter your skin type or color, self tanners can add a healthy touch of golden, olive, or bronze, as well as smooth coloration and even out your skin’s natural tone.