Beauty | January 19th 2017

Boss It Up With Beautiful Braids

If you’ve got long hair, you might be running out of ways to keep it neat and stylish. This is where braids come in. Braids can be a fun, simple way to shake up your hairstyles, while staying cool and professional. If you can get good at it, braids can simplify and shorten your daily routine – without sacrificing a great ‘do.

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Before you can get into all the different kind of braid styles that you can do to make it interesting, you should know how to do a simple braid. One long braid can help keep hair out of your face, while still giving you a young, fresh look. Or, if you braid your hair right after washing, you can undo it once it dries to reveal sexy, rolling waves.

How To Braid Hair

Start by brushing your hair. When your hair is smoothed out, separate it into three equal sections. It will be these sections that you’ll braid. If you’re braiding your own hair, you should make sure to give yourself some room to move or you can get just a little frustrated.

You’re going to take one section of your hair – either the left or right, not the middle – and cross it over top the middle section. Then you’ll take the opposite section and cross it over top the middle section again. You’ll repeat this all the way down your hair.


The tighter you braid your hair, the neater it will look. Tight braids can look harsh and strict, while a loose braid will tend to look laidback and relaxed. Once you have the pattern down, you’ll be able to braid rather quickly, making this an easy hairstyle for when you’re on the go.

Of course, once you have the basic plait down, you can start to experiment with other braid styles. Pigtails are only the start of the kinds of hairstyles you can take from there. You can even make a headband braid to keep most of your hair down, but out of your way.

How To French Braid Hair

French braids tend to look a little more elegant and elaborate, however they are much harder to do on yourself. It’s always best to practice on a friend first, before beginning on yourself. French braids take braids to a whole new level.

First you’ll begin in a very similar manner. Brush your hair back into the same direction. Once your hair is smoothed out, you’ll start to section it out. This is where the French braid starts to differ from the simple plait. You will separate the hair into three sections like you would a regular braid. However, instead of separating all the hair at once, you’ll gather more hair as you move downwards.


As you braid down along the back of your head, you will take hair from either sides of your hair and add it into the original braid. If done right, you can braid hair with varying lengths of layers with less of the mess.

It’s good to remind yourself that French braids look more elaborate than they actually are. It can be hard to get them down, but once you have it all figured out, it can be combined with a single plait or other hairstyles to make unique and edgy looks.