Fitness | May 11th 2017

Catching Up with Y7 Girl Boss Sarah Levey

One of our favorite activities includes catching up with some inspiring #girlbosses in our neighborhood, and that’s why we loved chatting with Y7 Studio founder, Sarah Levey. We wanted to know what Sarah does outside of the studio, how she came up with such an amazing concept, and what she’s loving right now. We asked her some questions about her current obsessions and daily routine, and we can’t wait to share what she told us:



We love that Y7 combines hip-hop and yoga into one amazing class. How did you come up with the concept? 

Thank you! The concept really came from what I was looking for in a workout. We practice one breath to one movement so having hip hop there to motivate and to cue the breath is a no brainer for me.


What workouts do you do aside from yoga? 

I try to incorporate a ton of different workouts into my routine. I do SoulCycle, NYP, Modelfit and S10, as well as Y7.


What’s your go-to office lunch? 

I like having a salad of mixed greens with a hard-boiled egg, grilled chicken and lots of roasted vegetables.

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What are your 3 favorite songs right now? 

Humble by Kendrick Lamar, Unforgettable by French Montana, and Carry You by Tomi.


What do you do during your commute? 

Read! I am in the middle of Psycho Cybernetics right now.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 

When I was going through a really confusing time, one of my instructors and best friends, Kristen, told me to just be easy and “it’s like this now”. It’s something her mentor told her and it’s really stuck with me.


What’s your favorite self-care ritual? 

My weekly manicure and pedicure. It just makes me feel like I have my life together (truth be told I’ve been pretty bad at this part of my life lately!)






What’s your dream vacation? 

I’d love to go to Fiji.


Our theme this month at HBFIT is being present. How do you try to incorporate this into your own life? 

When I am sitting down to a meal I’ve been working on keeping my phone in my bag and solely focusing on the people/person I’m with and really enjoying the food, noticing the flavors and what I am eating as apposed to just putting the fork to my mouth.


Featured Image courtesy of Overt NYC