Beauty | December 23rd 2016

Dry Winter Skin? Here’s How to Turn Foundation into Moisturizer

Wearing makeup in the winter while trying to take care of your dry skin can be its own struggle. For folks who want to amp up the glam without leaving their skin feeling flakey, cream foundations or other thicker products can crack when they dry out, and end up looking patchy in places where it should be smooth and soft.


How can you find the best foundation for dry skin, and maximize the moisture at the same time? For starters, many makeup artists suggest going for a light, liquid foundation as a base, after applying some pre-makeup skincare products that double down on moisture and enriching ingredients. This luxurious hydrating body oil from KORA Organics is enriched with nourishing rosehip and jojoba oil, pomegranate, and Vitamin E, that’s a suitable anti-inflammatory skin treatment for all skin types. As well, there are moisturizing foundations like Koh Gen Do’s long-lasting skin products are designed to treat dry skin.

But if your skin is really going through some cold weather blues, you can push your moisturizing even further. Turn your foundation into a moisturizer for dry skin!

One incredible makeup trick to heal and rejuvenate dry skin is to actually blend moisturizing products right into your foundation.

Mixing foundation with moisturizing ingredients can sometimes sound a little strange. But blending a few drops of oils like almond or jojoba oil, or pairing your liquid foundation with a hint of hydrating serum, can actually make your foundation more blendably smooth and soften up the finish of your foundation — it will enhance the effects without giving off a cakey effect or running the risk of drying your skin out further.

To fight dry skin in the chilly months, light moisturizers like jojoba oil can help enhance your skin’s natural hydrating oil production without clogging your pores and attracting excess dirt. Silk Elements offers pure jojoba oil that you can add right into your own skincare products without worry. Using an enriching product like this tea tree oil serum from CHI can also gently enhance your skin’s natural hydration processes, while adding some texture and treatment all in one go.

For blendable serums, try using a simple super smooth and nourishing all-purpose moisturizing creme from Nivea. For moisturizing while priming, this silky moisturizer from Hey Honey uses vitamin E and honey to soften skin and prime your face for makeup.