Beauty | January 12th 2017

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Growth

Are you on the hunt for long locks? Looking for the best hair growth products to add volume and grow your hair out faster? Look no further! HBFIT has the know-how to guide you through the best hair growth treatments that will leave you feeling gorgeous.


First things first — if you’re sheepish about thinning hair, it’s important to remember that hair loss among women is surprisingly common, and it can happen no matter your age and activity. There are lots of reasons why women might be losing their locks or experience their hair falling out. Whether it’s a question of hormone changes, a brief hiccup in your hair growth cycle, or related to stress, hair loss is a common part of many women’s lives.

But if you’re not happy with your current hair, and you’re unsure how to make the right product choice to achieve healthy hair growth results, never fear. Our fave products are trusted by beauty experts to help you grow hair faster.


There are plenty of natural treatments that you can trust to boost speedy hair growth. Everyone’s hair needs are different, but the best products for hair growth are designed to provide cumulative solutions. That means they give your hair the nutrients it needs without clogging up your hair follicles, as well as improving overall skin and scalp health and reducing the effects of stress on your body.

It’s also important to take a good hard look at your hair products. Most people don’t realize that they can damage their hair in little ways every day. Your hair can get damaged even by something as simple as over-shampooing, or overusing the same shampoos and conditioners for a long period of time. Your hair is a living part of you — over time, the cells that make up your locks will get used to certain shampoos, reducing any restorative effects.

Make sure you use your regular hair products sparingly and strategically, and don’t be afraid to experiment with enriching ingredients like shea butter and natural essential oils that improve scalp irritation and hydrate dry hair. While you’re at it, double check that your haircare products are safe to use on processed or colored hair, or if they’re designed to work best on only certain hair textures — folks with thick curly locks might find themselves suffering if they’re stuck using something that’s made to work for straight hair.