Beauty | January 26th 2017

Get Inspired By These 90s Fashion Icons

Even though we’re nearly two decades into the new millennium, you might not know it from the fashion. Some 90s trends have been thriving for nearly thirty years now. So if you need some inspiration for an outfit today, you can look back to these fashion icons for help.


Drew Barrymore

Whether your style is super feminine or dirty grunge, Drew will have a look for you. She frequently walked the line between delicate beauty and tough badass with total style. Drew Barrymore was often seen glamming up boyfriend-style clothes, but when she needed to dress up, she never disappointed.



Brandy was not only a fashion icon, but a hair icon as the lead character in Moesha. For girls with natural hair, Brandy was a revelation. At a time when relaxed hair seemed almost mandatory, she celebrated her natural hair. Combining 90s faves like denim and oversized clothing with micro- and box braids.


Jennifer Aniston

Of course, you can’t talk about the 90s without talking about Jennifer Aniston. It was no wonder her character, Rachel Greene on Friends, was such a fashionista. Her styles became hot trends iconic of the decade. She was known for making simple slip dresses and even mom jeans a super sexy statement.



It wasn’t new for musical groups to match outfits for events and performances, but no one did it quite as well as TLC. They exemplified coordinated outfits with outfits that were often surprisingly stylish. They can be remembered for outfits like crop tops and boxer waistbands, giant colorful overalls, or even parachute pants. They weren’t afraid to go big and bold, skillfully combining glam and grunge styles.


Winona Ryder

Odd girls of the 90s looked to Winona for fashion inspiration, and so should you if you prefer the alternative look. Her most notable looks were often paired with black biker-style leather jackets. Like Barrymore, she often switched between masculine cardigans and trousers or floral maxi dresses. She epitomized the quirky girl look that was made popular with her movies.


Lisa Turtle

Nobody knew fashion quite like Lisa Turtle did in Saved By the Bell. You might remember her in her co-ordinated outfits and power suits. Despite playing a high school student, she was all dressed for success. Even when she was wearing what everyone else was, she wouldn’t let that stop her from making it her own. You can look to her to modify those crewneck sweaters into something a little more stylish.


Claire Danes

Known for her breakthrough role as Angela Chase in My-So-Called Life, Claire Danes was a classic example of that 90s style. She was also the inspiration for many dyed redheads everywhere. Once Angela Chase hit the screens, redheads came into style with all the flannel grunge. And who can forget the dress with combat boots look?


Lisa Bonet

Nobody did fashion quite like Bonet while playing Denise Huxtable on the sitcom The Cosby Show. She rocked the bohemian chic look that is definitely still in style. Along with layers, neon, and blazers, she could rock a hat like nobody else.


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