Health | May 3rd 2016


hbfcousWith summer approaching quickly, it’s easy to get excited, angsty and eager. While enthusiasm is great, sometimes it leads to us neglecting or abandoning things that require our attention—which could manifest itself in procrastinating work deadlines or skipping a post-work sweat session to drink rose. I’m not saying that you always have to sacrifice that glass of wine, but rather to be aware of when you can unwind and when you should grind. In the month filled with Cinco de Mayo margaritas and Memorial Day BBQs, we want you to shift your concentration from the anticipation of summer months to the now.

Are you accomplishing the goals you set for yourself earlier this year?

Are you making time for yourself to nourish your body with nutrient-rich food and a work out?

Are you taking time to focus on your breath?

Stop. Listen. Think. 

Although I can’t wait to see what the summer brings, I will be doing my best to keep the theme of focus top of mind. Keep us posted on your month via the comments!