Health | April 10th 2017

HBFIT Fave: Care/of Personalized Vitamins

It’s no secret the HBFIT team relies on supplements and vitamins to boost our energy, promote healthy glowing skin, and keep our minds balanced and focused but we all have different routines and needs so when Care/of reached out to us to try their personalized routines we knew we had to try it because not one pill suits all. Read on for our thoughts on the curated, individualized wellness experience and if you’d like to try they’re offering HBFIT readers 50% off their first order with code HBFIT here.

Olivia Kirby, Director of Strategy

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I have a really busy day that starts as soon as I wakeup, usually around 6 or 7 depending on what’s on deck. I go from email at home to the office to meeting to workout to finally face-masking on my couch. While I love my matcha, it’s really important I stay focused and alert without caffeine. I also look for my supplements to keep me balanced and my skin healthy. When I filled my Care/of survey out the questions focused on my habits and schedule, as well as diet and lifestyle. They “prescribed” me a probiotic blend for a harmonious gut, iron for energy, Bacopa for focus and cognitive function, Evening Primrose for healthy skin, Vitamin C for immunity, Vitamin D for strong bones, and Rhodiola for mental energy all in a cute personalized pouch for your daily dose.

I definitely recommend taking with a meal, because for me, vitamins on an empty stomach make me queasy. But I could easily throw the packet in my bag if I didn’t have time to eat first thing in the morning. After a month I noticed how my focus changed, the supplements kept me on my game throughout the day. The jury is still out on the benefits of the primrose but I play around with so many skincare products it’s hard to tell what works when! I can’t recommend Care/of enough for people always on the run. I would always forget to take my vitamins, especially if they came in 5 different bottles, but Care/of made it easy and simple and honestly fun.


Rebecca Muller, Editorial Assistant

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I never really thought I “needed” vitamins in my day. I eat healthy, I take care of myself, and I’m not particularly deficient in anything. Care/of vitamins sparked my interest because unlike most other vitamins out there, they’re not made with any harsh solvents over processed ingredients. They’re also personalized to your body’s exact needs, so I thought I’d give them a try and see if they made a difference in my daily routine. I was totally blown away. I got sent a probiotic blend, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and digestive enzymes.

Aside from the fact that the pills were so cute looking, I really do feel they made a difference in my day! I’ve always struggled with digestion issues, and I feel that the probiotic and digestive enzymes really helped. I took my probiotic as soon as I woke up in the morning, and then the digestive enzymes with my breakfast. After a month I can honestly say I noticed less stomach discomfort. I also took my vitamin B12 and D in the morning and felt super energized.


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Halle Cann, Social Media Coordinator

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Upon learning of Care/of’s monthly vitamin packs, I headed over to their website thinking I’d take an extensive test like I would at a doctor’s office to reveal my vitamin deficiencies. Instead I was greeted by a simple quiz emphasizing MY health interests. After answering I was interested in skin and digestive health I was prescribed iron, B12, a probiotic, and vitamin D. Having practiced a vegan diet for over a year, B12 was something I routinely supplemented since it is naturally found mostly in animal products. Although iron is found in most leafy greens, to support energy levels and cognitive function I was prescribed the supplement (I mean you can never be too energized). A daily probiotic is something I’ve been taking a while now too, but they get to be very expensive and Care/of gives me a whole months worth of supplements for what one jar of about 50 pills would cost.

I love that I am able to incorporate Care/of easily into by routine starting out each morning with a glass of warm lemon water. In a day packed with workouts, work and classes it is comforting knowing my body is getting what it needs to stay healthy, focused and strong simply by opening my personalized pack once a day.


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