Health | April 14th 2017

HBFIT Faves: Hangover Remedies

Here at HBFIT we might be focused on getting our greens in and getting a sweat on but we also like to balance our long, busy days with the occasional fun night out with our friends. We’re human though, and sometimes we indulge in one too many vodka sodas just like the next girl and our hangovers can bite us in the @$$ the next morning. We asked the team to share how they alleviate their hangovers with you guys, and let us know which methods work for you!


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When a friend recommended Flyby for the first time we were skeptical, there are a ton of supplements out there branded to help cure your hangover, but our results when we’ve tried them have always been mixed.

Enter Flyby. Flyby’s motto is smart drinking for a healthier lifestyle, which really resonated with us. The philosophy behind this Japanese wellness inspired supplement is to aide in the processing of alcohol-induced toxins. It’s gluten free, non-GMO, and made in the USA – all characteristics we can get behind. We can also get behind the fact that Flyby was designed to help your body break down harmful alcohol-induced toxins, support healthy liver function, and naturally replenish lost vitamins, minerals and amino acids. All big words for FEEL BETTER IN THE MORNING! We take 2-3 at night, either before drinking or before bed, depending on how much and how long we’re drinking, and we swear, although we still end up craving french fries, we don’t wake up with pounding headaches and we avoid that wave of afternoon nausea. Bonus! Flyby is offering a 15% discount for all HBFIT readers, with code FLYFIT. You can buy this miracle worker here.


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We know we know, the last thing you want to do after unlimited margaritas the night before is get up and work out. But trust, getting a really good sweat in, we’re talking HIIT like Switch Playground, a boxing class like Box + Flow, or a running workout like Mile High, does wonders for the body. It distracts you from your hangover, speeds up the recovery, and most importantly gets you out of that sometimes day-long hangover funk on the couch.

Don’t Mix Your Alcohol

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One member of the team swears by this rule, it has yet to be tested out by all of us and seems silly sounding, but could it be the instant fix? She sticks with only vodka, only beer, or only champagne etc. And when she’s drinking wine or champagne she sends herself home early, she says any more than a bottle of wine or champagne to yourself and you’ll be sorry in the morning.

Drink to Curb Your Hangover (Yes, You Heard That Right)

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Fresh-pressed apple & carrot: It takes the bite off and provides you with the hit of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and fiber you need.

Coconut water & pineapple juice: Hydration, hydration, hydration. Plus the addition of pineapple adds a little protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6, and Magnesium.

Water with Chlorophyll drops: This was actually recommended to us by a reader and while it didn’t take away all of the classic hangover symptoms, we definitely woke up more hydrated lending to less of a headache.

Hair of the Dog: Because sometimes the only thing that helps is a little more champagne.

Face Mask

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Sometimes looking better makes you feel better. We love goop’s Instant Facial for a good deep exfoliating (although we can’t promise it will erase last nights sins).

Our favorite sheet masks for when we can’t bear to leave our apartment are Florapy sheet masks. Their natural masks are made of 100% coconut fibers, and the combination of healing flowers and aromatherapy leave you more awake and ready to face the world.

If you can’t manage a full face mask, try Klorane’s Soothing and Relaxing eye patches to combat those puffy dark eye woes.


Or, you can always quit drinking. But all work and no play isn’t our motto.