Health | December 11th 2019

HBFIT Holiday Gift Guide: Health

Holiday shopping can be…a lot. We’ve streamlined the best in the biz for the health nut in your life looking to take their wellness practice to the next level, or as a gift to yourself to keep you sane and centered this holiday season.

Ariana Ost Crystal Bath Kit, $36
These bath crystals provide the luxurious opportunity to literally soak in crystals. When you soak in your bath, your body will resonate with the healing crystal frequency patterns associated with each stone. Each crystal oscillates a unique frequency based on its mineral composition and will structure the bath water into sacred energetic patterns. The perfect gift for someone who needs a little extra healing and relaxation this holiday season.

Fur Bath Drops, $34

We cannot stress enough how much we love to take baths, so we basically love everything that adds a little something to our relaxing bath time. I mean, who doesn’t love some time alone to relax in the bath? These Bath Drops are exactly what we need to make our bath even better. The beads contain a combination of the signature Fur Oil and softening oils, which nourish and soften the skin, leaving you soft and even more relaxed after your bath. Who wouldn’t love these Bath Drops?

Smeg Citrus Juicer, $169.95

You know how much we love juicing at HBFIT, and this Smeg Juicer is the cutest juicer out there. This is the perfect gift for your friend is obsessed with their juices, or even for someone looking to start their New Year’s resolution of making homemade juice early. The juicer directly delivers the juice into your glass, straining out the pulp. It also comes in the cutest colors – choose between the classic Smeg red, or pastel blue, green, white, and more.

Diptyque Blissful Amber Candle, $72

This limited edition Diptyque candle is the perfect gift to give someone you care about a wish for the new year, helping them find serenity and balance. The candle has lucky charms, the horseshoe, the holly branch, the ladybug, and the color blue, to spread the message of wisdom and serenity. The scents imbue different meanings and virtues: Amber echoes myths found around the world, musk is the perfume of paradise, and geranium and lavender have relaxing virtues. It may just be a candle, but it carries much deeper meanings.

Byredo Bibliotheque Scented Candle, $85.00

A unique gift for the book lover — this candle takes the romantic atmosphere of the library into their home. The fragrance evokes the smell of old books through the peach, plum, vanilla, and patchouli, to recreate the feeling of flipping through the pages of a book. The scent perfectly captures the atmosphere of the library that you can almost hear the snap open of a book within the sizzling of the flame. The outside of the candle fits in with the sophisticated atmosphere of the library, as it is handmade in France and made with mouth blown glass and black wax.

Half Baked Harvest Cookbook: Super Simple, $29.99

Tieghan Gerard is known for her beautiful meals and recipes that somehow taste even better than they look. Half Baked Harvest Super Simple is her second cookbook, and takes all of the fan-favorite comfort-foods and makes them quicker and easier — making it the perfect gift for the busy gal in your life, or even someone just starting out in the kitchen. The most important part is that the recipes never sacrifice taste. There are 125 easy recipes with few ingredients, foolproof meal prepping, effortless entertaining, and everything else you could possibly imagine.

Sealy Temperature Regulating Deep-Pocket Sheet Set, $47.59 and up

This sheet set is the ideal gift for someone who always complains about the temperature in the room, or even for someone who just moved and needs a little help getting cozy in their new place. The technology reacts to your body’s temperature to keep you comfortable. When you heat up, the moisture becomes aware and quickly cools you down. When you cool down, the moisture is wicked away to keep you warm. They will never complain about getting a bad nights sleep again because they’ll wake up feeling refreshed every morning.

The Comfy Blanket Sweatshirt Navy, $39.99

The perfect gift for the homebody in your life. This Sweatshirt Blanket will keep them cozy and warm with the velour polyester and the plush Sherpa on the other side. The large, oversized design fits everyone, and they’ll probably never want to take it off. There’s even a pocket on the front to keep all of your belongings.

Intention Stone Wine Stoppers, $34

These wine bottle stoppers will remind you of all that’s beautiful in the world, from kindness to Chianti. They are a great gift to show someone you care, and pair well with a nice bottle of wine. There are eight different stones, each with their own meaning. Rose Quartz: Love, peace, compassion. Amethyst: Calm, serenity. Green Fluorite: Cleansing, positive energy, awareness. Crystal Quartz: Peace, positivity, clarity. Labradorite: Magic, strength. Rainbow Fluorite: Energy, open-mindedness. Citritz: Peace, positivity, clarity. Labradorite: Magic, strength. Rainbow Fluorite: Energy, open-mindedness. Citrine: Warmth, happiness, optimism. Lapis Lazuli: Wisdom, truth, intellect. Set an intention for someone you care about with one of these Stone Wine Stoppers.

Slip – Beauty Sleep Collection, $119

Cotton grabs onto your hair and twists it at the root when you sleep on it at night, which damages the hair and causes bedhead in the morning. Silk pillowcases are so gentle on your hair it will even maintain your perfect blow-dry overnight. The Slip silk protects and hydrates your skin and reduces split ends. Paired with the Slip silk sleep mask, this duo makes for the best night’s sleep.

Alfie Love Gel, $39.00

Alfie Love Gel is a gel that should be applied prior to sexual activity to help promote a better and more sensitive experience. It boosts blood flow while natural aphrodisiacs get you feeling your best self. The formula takes advantage of the body’s proprietary transdermal delivery technology to achieve rejuvenated benefits. This is the best gift to enjoy with your loved one.