Health | December 31st 2016


Many people tend to make life-changing and sometimes unrealistic resolutions as the new year approaches, and then they get let down when they didn’t follow through within the first couple months. Here at HBFIT, we wanted to make resolutions that would set us up for a fresh new year of self-care, mindfulness, and being present. Instead of setting specific goals or promising to change our bodies, we compiled some goals that will help ease us into a year of success without any pressure or deadlines. Here are some of our resolutions for 2017:


Power Down Before Bed

We scroll through our phones and computers all day long, and sometimes it can be difficult to power down at night. There have been so many proven benefits to putting away your bright screens two hours before bedtime, so we’re making it one of our resolutions for the new year. By putting away devices at night, you’ll have more time to be present with your loved ones, read a good book, and even sleep better throughout the night. Instagram will still be there in the morning!


Make Time to Meditate

Meditation is one of those things that you might not love on your first or second try, but it’s so important to make time for some mindfulness in your day. In the new year, we’re making meditation a priority, even if it’s just for a couple minutes in the morning. Get in a comfortable position, find a mantra you can relate to, and take a few minutes to focus on your breath. You’ll be surprised how more relaxed, focused, and refreshed you’ll feel throughout your day. Let’s make the new year a mindful one.


Don’t Neglect the Stretch

We run, spin, squat, lift, jump, pulse, and plank, but sometimes we forget the most important part of a workout: the stretch. If you’re going hard in your workouts, you should be spending at least ten minutes stretching out your muscles afterwards. Stretching after exercise helps increase your flexibility, improves your performance, and decreases your risk of injuries. In 2017, we’re focusing on not only training like athletes, but also recovering like athletes, and that includes a good stretch!


Count Nutrients, Not Calories

There are so many fad diets out there, and “detox cleanses” that try to convince you to eat less calories and lose weight. We’ve had enough with the calorie-counting diets, and in 2017, we’re focused on thinking about the nutrients in the foods we’re eating. This year, instead of counting the calories on nutrition labels, read the ingredients and make sure you’re consuming things you understand and want to put in your body.


Drink More Water

The benefits of drinking water are endless, and yet we still need the constant reminder! This year, we’re working on drinking more water throughout the day. We find it especially difficult to stay hydrated during the colder months because our bodies don’t feel as thirsty, so it’s important to carry around a bottle as a reminder. Drinking water has been proven to increase energy, boost the immune system, clear up your skin, and flush out toxins, so let’s get sipping.


Eat More Mindfully

We’ve spoken a lot about being present and making time for mindfulness, but sometimes we forget to be mindful in what we’re eating, and it’s something we want to work on this year. After learning about the power of intuitive eating from Kelsey Miller, we have been totally inspired to be more intuitive about our food choices. We all have those days when we’re starving and just want to scarf down the entire fridge, but it’s important to work on listening to your body, eating what you need, and enjoying every bite.