Beauty | April 22nd 2016


We are self-admitted coconut addicts at HBFIT–so much so that we have fully investigated all of it’s amazing properties throughout the years! From
zapping fat to preventing stretch marks–this superfood has proved time and time again that it is an ingredient that possesses powers that go beyond the breakfast bowl (even though we do love a good coconut yogurt). But what happens when this power-packed ingredient is used in your skincare routine? We decided to further our coconut-fueled research to investigate Nubian Heritage’s latest line, which combines our obsession with papaya for the ultimate combination (and scent)!

Blending these two ingredients leaves the skin looking rejuvenated and glowing, as the coconut is ultra-nourishing due to its protein content and the potassium in papaya is deeply-moisturizing. Coconut also has an anti-inflammatory AND anti-aging effect, while the papaya contains alpha hydroxy acids, which mean it’s a top-notch natural exfoliator. An added bonus is the addition of ginseng, which is said to improve the skin’s overall health by restoring it’s natural vibrancy. We can’t decide what we love more…the amazing combo of ingredients or the fact that there’s a product for every step of the cleansing process, whether you’re looking for a bar soap, deodorant or even a new body lotion (may we suggest the body soufflé? Trust us, your skin will be thanking you). We’re obsessed with how soft and smooth our skin felt after each use and seriously, don’t get us started on how delicious they smell….

Nubian Heritage’s product line is super thorough–which not surprising since the brand itself was built on the foundation of ethically sourced, culturally-authentic ingredients. In 1991 the founders, Richelieu Dennis, Nyema Tubman and Mary Dennis, created the company after getting inspired by Nubia, the ancient center of trade for Africa, Asia and the Middle East. They liked the idea of returning to ancestral roots for ancient healing practices and re-innovating them with key ingredients.

We, at HBFIT, can definitely get behind products that both work and carry a message behind them. Next time you’re at an ULTA store, be sure to grab some Nubian Heritage!


Sponsored by: Nubian Heritage

Text by: Ava Donaldson