Health | March 10th 2016


clonFrom juices to raw food, cleanses are all the rage. But the cleanse that has flown under the radar for too long is colon hydrotherapy, or a colonic as it’s more widely known. Using gallons of warm water to flush out the colon – a section of the large intestine – a colonic removes toxins and waste, benefitting your mind and body in more ways than one.

Here are four ways colon hydrotherapy can leave you looking and feeling better:

Improves digestive issues

Colonics clears out pollutants from the digestive tract, leaving lots of room for healthy bacteria to flourish, which can better digestion and relieve gas, constipation and bloating.

Encourages glowing skin

The same toxins and waste that colonics eliminate can also lead to breakouts, which is why people experience brighter skin and less acne after regular sessions.

Sustains pH balance

Colon hydrotherapy helps to relieve blockages in the colon, blockages that can lead to acidic build up in the intestines. By relieving the body of this excess acid, your pH levels are able to maintain a more alkalized, healthy balance.

Boosts energy levels

Fighting the waste in your intestines expends a large amount of energy. So flushing out these toxins allows your body to use that energy elsewhere, resulting in improved sleep patterns and circulation.

As with any kind of procedure, there are potential adverse side effects, including cramping, nausea and dehydration. To combat these after effects, make sure to drink plenty of water after leaving your session in order to replenish the fluids your body will want and need. And of course, be sure to visit a safe, clean, and reputable detox center or spa.

If the idea of feeling lighter and brighter both inside and out has you wanting more, we are huge fans of Gravity East Village, an NYC-based wellness center that specializes in gravity colonics.

Text by: Shana Bitterman