Health | July 11th 2017

Lauryn’s No Mascara Eye-lash Routine

I’m a big fan of the no-makeup look. Mostly because I enjoy not spending a ton of time getting ready, but more recently because I can no longer get-it-up for makeup. That being said, the only part of my face I really care about is my eyelashes. After being fed-up with mascara and coming to the conclusion that I am not compatible with eyelash extensions, I went searching for the most effortless way to get some lush lashes, with as little effort as possible.

Lucky for me I stumbled across a thread of DIY eyelash articles featuring women who were dyeing their own lashes (genius!). After receiving my Amazon Prime order full of materials I spent a total of 10 minutes doing the dyeing deed and have never looked back.

Around the same time my eyelash dye habit was getting started I was gifted a tube of Rodan+Fields Lash Boost. Let me tell you – this product is the icing on the cake. With a quick application each night before bed I started seeing longer lashes in just a few weeks. And to top it off the serum does not harm the color on my lashes.

Want to dye your eyelashes? Definitely do your research and make sure you have the right tools. I recommend a tint kit, a bundle of plastic mascara wands (new), and some vaseline around the eye area to protect from any splatter or slips.




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